10 Travel Awards in One Week

Travel Awards for The Travel Franchise

Sales are a fantastic benchmark of success, however, awards are the ultimate demonstration that you are doing something right.

Therefore, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce that this week we have won not one, not even two, but ten, yes TEN separate awards.

Ten Travel Awards in One Week

Any business which can win ten awards in one week clearly must be doing something very right. What makes it even more fulfilling is that these awards have come from our peers i.e. other people within the travel industry recognising the success that our business is having.

  • Hays Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Sandals Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Jet2 Holidays Agency of the year
  • TUI – most passengers within the Hays group
  • Agent with the highest growth – Travel2
  • Top Agent of the Year – Attraction World
  • Best Year on Year growth with Intrepid Travel
  • Holiday Extras – biggest increase in Sales
  • Great Rail Journeys – Agent of the Year
  • Highest Growth with Flexible Autos

Why has Not Just Travel won so many awards?

Every year and every month we continue to grow quicker than virtually any other travel company. However, we do this is an ethical and sustainable way which helps our franchisee’s and our suppliers grow together. Along the way we create 10,000’s of happy customers.

What does this mean for a potential Travel Franchisee?

At The Travel Franchise, we often say “as the tide rises all ships sale”. This means that the more awards we win, the bigger our business grows, the more help and support we can give everyone in the business. Our buying power increases. Our awareness gets greater and the resources we put in place for everyone just continue to grow.

The Travel Franchise – Disrupting The Travel Industry

It’s unusual for any business to double in size in just one year. It’s even rarer for this to happen year after year.

The Travel Franchise is making waves in both the travel industry and the franchise sector because we are doing the unthinkable. We are increasing in size month on month, creating 10,000’s of happy customers in the process and helping create significant income for our franchisees.

No other travel company can make these claims and pick up so many accolades along the way.

Who would you book your next holiday through?

An average travel agency, a faceless website, or an award-winning travel company which has the widest range of holidays at fantastic prices?

Why would you choose an award-winning Travel Franchise?

If you are investing in a franchise you need to be confident you are making the right decision. Choosing an award-winning travel franchise means that there is a proven track record and you can see the business is working.

When you look at the awards that Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise have won in the last week alone, it is clear that we don’t just have huge credibility, but we also have the respect of the travel industry.