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Steve Mitchell joins The Travel Franchise

New Addition to The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise has invested heavily in helping ensure your new travel business is as successful as possible. Steve Mitchell is appointed Head of Franchise Business Development
Work anywhere with the Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise: The Working Environment and Mental Health

Do you think your workplace is having an impact on your mental health? Are you struggling with the stress of certain aspects of your work? The Travel Franchise could help.

The worlds first franchise that gives your money back?

The Travel Franchise gives back 100% of it's franchise fee! We reward those who complete training and get active. Find out how you could get all of your franchise fee back within 12 months.

5 Time Wasting Habits That Stop You From Being Productive

Here are 5 time wasters that by cutting them out of your daily routine, you can dramatically improve your productivity.

4 Keys to a Stable Business

How as an entrepreneur, can you ensure your idea will become a successful and stable business. The Travel Franchise talk's you through 4 keys to helping achieve this.