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10 Reasons to Book a Holiday Through a Travel Consultant

Check out the 10 most important reasons why people MUST book your next holiday with a Travel Consultant rather than booking their holiday direct

Atul's Success Story With The Travel Franchise

With no previous travel experience, Atul's business has flourished over the past 4 years. Learn more about his story as he chats to Paul Harrison.

Ian & Susan's Success Story With The Travel Franchise

From a very much part-time Travel Consultant to a full-time couple of Travel Consultants. Ian and Susan have seen their business flourish. Learn more about their story as they chat to Paul Harrison.
Millionaires Retreat Travel Franchise Home

The Travel Franchise Retreats

Our Travel Franchise Training helps you build your franchise with training from industry experts. Learn business development, marketing, networking and more

Finding your first customer in your new travel business

A brilliant question we always get asked is, will I be able to find any customers if I start a travel business. The very simple answers is YES! And here is how you get started. You'll be amazed how simple it is to find your first every customer!

John Hays Joins The Advisory Board At The Travel Franchise

Throughout the travel industry, there are few people that hold such status as John Hays. Widely respected for creating the UK's largest independent travel agency Hays Travel, achieving sales of over 800 million John is an industry leader within the travel world.

Daley Thompson Joins Not Just Travel

Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson joins Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise as the new public face and brand ambassador for the rapidly growing travel brand.
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Meet the travel franchise everyone is talking about

Meet the travel agency franchise causing a stir in the travel industry. Making more high earning franchise owners than well know high street brands.