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5 Simple Ways to Find Customers in Your New Travel Business

One of the biggest questions we get asked at The Travel Franchise is, how will I find customers? It’s a natural fear for everyone who joins. So, to help you see just how simple it can be, we have compiled our top 5 ways of finding customers (although when you join we give you over 100 different ideas).
Daley Thompson & The Travel Franchise Give To Charity

The Travel Franchise Raises £1977 for Charity

At this year’s Travel Franchise Christmas party, not only did we have fantastic fun, Daley Thompson helped us raise £1977 for the charity Mind. Find out how.

Homeworking Travel Agency of The Year 2017

For the third year in a row, our travel homeworking business has been voted Homeworking Agency of The Year. A top accolade for a top business. Find out more
Travel homeworkers on Elite Experience with The Travel Franchise

The Elite Experience in Mauritius

We’ve come to the end of an amazing week in Mauritius as everyone heads home to the UK. What started off as an educational trip has turned into a journey of discovery for many. 29 of our team, our business partners and our friends, 1 amazing island, 7 stunning hotels, 3 days of coaching but most importantly, ‘countless’ memories and moments have been created.
The Travel Franchise makes three big appointments

The Travel Franchise makes three big appointments

To support the rapid growth of what could be the UK’s fastest growing franchise, The Travel Franchise has this week announced three new additions to it’s growing team who will help ensure our continued success.
Travel Awards for The Travel Franchise

10 Travel Awards in One Week

Sales are a fantastic benchmark of success, however, awards are the ultimate demonstration that you are doing something right. At The Travel Franchise, we are definitely doing something right!
Millionaires Retreat Travel Franchise Home

The Travel Franchise Retreats

Our Travel Franchise Training helps you build your franchise with training from industry experts. Learn business development, marketing, networking and more

Finding your first customer in your new travel business

A brilliant question we always get asked is, will I be able to find any customers if I start a travel business. The very simple answers is YES! And here is how you get started. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to find your first every customer!

John Hays Joins The Advisory Board At The Travel Franchise

Throughout the travel industry, there are few people that hold such status as John Hays. Widely respected for creating the UK’s largest independent travel agency Hays Travel, achieving sales of over 800 million John is an industry leader within the travel world.

Daley Thompson Joins Not Just Travel

Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson joins Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise as the new public face and brand ambassador for the rapidly growing travel brand.