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The Travel Franchise: The Working Environment and Mental Health

Recent studies have found that, more than a third of UK employees say their current working environment is having a negative effect on their mental state of mind, while one in two feel that their particular workplace ‘does not manage mental health issues well’.

The way an employee thinks, feels and behaves can have a massive impact on everything they do in the office, from their productivity and communication to keeping themselves and others safe. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the company to promote good mental health in the workplace. The Travel Franchise believes it is important for our franchisees to promote good mental health in their own working environment, whether that is in a home office or a small workplace. Create a Healthy Environment It is important to look at the lifestyle you are currently living. While it may be tempting to do bookings into the early hours of the morning, or speaking to clients on your days off, you need to establish time between work and your day-to-day life, to promote a healthy work environment. Taking regular breaks and turning off your phone once you finish work, are all examples of a healthy environment.  Identify Mental Health Risks  One in four adults will experience a mental illness in a year, but most will suffer in silence and some just fail to notice they are experiencing mental health issues. As these can turn into serious issues in the future, as a franchisee you should be aware of any risk factors and symptoms of mental health issues. Talk About It  If you feel as though you are suffering with any mental health issues, you should seek support from our team at The Travel Franchise or outside help. It’s important to talk about mental health issues, they are treatable with help and so it’s essential that you attend therapy appointments or speak to someone you trust. Has the working environment had an impact on your mental health? Do you feel as though your managers cannot help you with any issues you may be having? Our team at The Travel Franchise constantly aim to support our franchisees and want to see them succeed with starting their own businesses. If you want to become a business partner with The Travel Franchise, call 0800 084 8128 or for further information, look here.

5 Time Wasting Habits That Stop You From Being Productive


It’s astonishing how much time we must waste each day, simply procrastinating and not being productive. Did you know that research shows on average we waste 3 hours per day, being unproductive with our time?

Those 3 hours’ amount to 1095 hours over the course of the year. As you know, in business time is money so imagine the effect that could be having on your yearly salary, especially if you work for yourself and manage your own time. So, The Travel Franchise have picked the 5 most popular time wasters, to show you what you could focus on cutting out of your everyday routine to help being productive. Not planning your day – Without set goals for the day and a to-do list, how are you to know what needs to be achieved. You will waste time thinking about what needs to be done and where you need to be. With a set plan and a list of jobs that need to be completed and a time frame for each one, you will find that you become a lot more productive in your day. As well as this it is a lot more satisfying when you know you can tick off those items and finish the day with more time the next for more meetings. Looking at your phone – We all do it. It becomes an addictive obsession and something we can’t put down. But imagine if you put away your mobile solidly for a couple of hours and cracked down on some work. Imagine how much you could get done. Even though it can be hard, as you have people to talk to and messages to reply too, waiting an hour or two for a response isn’t the end of the world. Especially if it isn’t urgent. Talking to your co-workers – It’s easy when you’re in an office to get distracted and pulled into a conversation with your co-workers. But that 2 minutes here and there soon mount up. Try to keep the talking to a minimum and only start a conversation when you’re on a lunch break. This can be a positive to working for yourself, as there isn’t as much temptation to talk to other people. Complaining – Negativity can be a huge time waster and in turn make you very unproductive for the rest of the day. Come Monday morning we all know that we would rather be tucked up in bed, but complaining about it won’t get you anywhere. Make each day count and instead of complaining, talk issues through with clients, and keep your productivity high. Are these some of the things you find yourself doing daily? Is this something you could cut down or cut out altogether? Being productive will help your business growth and help you to succeed. Becoming a travel consultant for The Travel Franchise, can help. We can support you with your workload, and you don’t have to worry about others distracting you or bringing you down, as you work for yourself. Your productivity will show, in your level of success and keep you motivated. For more information please contact us today.

4 Keys to a Stable Business


When starting up a business, they say that 90% of start-ups fail within the first year. As an entrepreneur, this may scare you and have you wonder what the future of your business may hold. So how do you ensure that yours is one of the exclusive 10% who succeed with a stable business?

Franchising can be a way of running your own business without the many risks of starting up your business from fresh. Here are our 4 keys to a stable business, to help you along the way. Finances Get your finances straight, know your numbers and budgets, and work out a financial plan for the year! As an entrepreneur, you will need to have the financial stability to begin with, as well as a good business idea but you will be faced with the uncertainty of whether you’re business will go anywhere. However, by becoming a partner in a franchise, you can stabilise your future, in knowing that your money is under an already well-established name and product. It’s then up to you to do your research on the best franchise for you and what you’re getting for your money. By sticking to budgets and knowing your finances, you are less likely to have financial hiccups in the future. Attention the detail You need to be able to stand out from the crowd. To have an original idea is near on impossible in today’s industry, so the more detail and quality you can offer your customers, the more likely you are to succeed. You need to have that edge over your competitors and the attention to detail can be key to this. Being able to offer that extra something else, or something unique you will be well ahead of others selling a product like yours. For instance, at The Travel Franchise we pride ourselves on being travel experts. By using your travel knowledge and being an expert in your field you can give potential clients the information they couldn’t get elsewhere. Communication Your communication, between your clients and employees, needs to be strong to be successful. Without communication, there is lots of room for mistakes and errors to be made. As well as this, if you are communicating with possible clients and getting back to them within plenty of time, they will just to choose to go elsewhere. By keeping up the communication you will not only keep everyone happy but you will all be on the same page as well. This is especially important when thinking about your goals for the business and what you want to achieve. Without this being communicated you could all be working in complete different directions. Marketing No matter how small or large your business may be you will need to be able to market yourself. Without marketing, you may have a brilliant product but no one will know about it. Marketing is all about reaching your product out to prospective clients. With a good marketing plan, or strategy to help you, you can help touch your ideas out to more people than you ever thought. It’s important to build up that rapport, and get people talking about you positively. Before you know it, you will have a following. So here are our 4 keys to a stable and successful business. Are you thinking of starting your own business and unsure of where to start? The Travel Franchise offers a great package, of support, knowledge and contacts to help you on the way, to being a successful travel franchisee. For more information contact us today by calling 0800 084 8128.

Franchising and Single Parents; Why It’s a Perfect Match

In Britain, more than 650,000 single parents are unemployed and it’s understandable to see why. One of the biggest challenges facing single parents today is finding suitable work that will fit around family arrangements.

You may not be able to work full-time or even the idea of returning to work could be daunting for you, but nearly half of unemployed single parents are considering starting their own business due to the lack of flexible and rewarding jobs out there. So, here’s why franchising is perfect for single parents: Flexible  A good franchise model should work around you and your life, meaning you can tailor your working day around you and your kids. Many franchise businesses, including the Travel Franchise, are home based and offer flexible, even part-time hours, meaning you can work from nine to three to fit in with the kid’s school time. Home Based Another benefit of franchising, is that it fits in with single parents, especially those with young kids as most franchises are home based. This means you work from home in your designated office, pick up the kids from pre-school in the afternoon and return to work if you need to. Support Many single parents lack the confidence to start working again after leaving the job market for so long. However, you needn’t be scared about running your own business in 2017. A good franchise will have a team in place to support you through the learning and confidence building phase of your training. You would then also get support from fellow franchisees that have completed the training. Independence  Franchising can offer the chance for single parents to be their own boss and take control of something that is their own. While it can be stressful in the first few months, once you see the end result of what you have achieved, you will appreciate the hard work you put in. Do you have a passion for travel? And want to be your own boss? For further information about joining The Travel Franchise, get in touch with a member of our team at 0800 084 8128

The Cost of Workplace Disruptions

While it may seem seemingly mundane, studies show that workplace disruptions such as chatty co-workers and slow internet can contribute to almost 6 hours a week of lost work time you could be spending elsewhere.

The research by Samsung Electronics highlighted the potential of the worst workplace disruptions is forcing employees out of the company, as well as taking valuable hours out of the working day.

Irritating colleagues led almost a third of survey respondents to hand in their notice, while 10 per cent admitted that poor technology was too much to bear to continue. So what can you do to reduce workplace disruptions? Take Control  It’s your responsibility to keep watch of your own time while at work. You need to find a system that works for you; whether that’s setting your phone straight to voicemail or turning off your phone completely. There’s no reason you should be disrupted by anyone over the workday if your phone is on ‘do not disturb’. Instead, use your lunch hour to catch up with everyone or wait until you get home. Don’t Initiate  We all fall victim to a bit of chitchat while we’re at our desks. However, if you don’t want to be disturbed, don’t interrupt them while they’re working. Don’t start bugging co-workers on iMessage with chat about the football scores or your weekend exploits, if you wouldn’t want them to interrupt you during your working hours. Instead, demonstrate the correct behaviour by asking ‘is now a good time to talk?’ before initiating conversation and if they say ‘no’ then it’s time to go back to your desk! Block Out Your Calendar  The best way to prevent interruptions is to fill your day with important tasks and things to do every hour. By making sure you know what you are doing with every minute of the day, you can avoid any interruptions by colleagues or friends. Say No  If you are still being interrupted after all of these tips, then your last resort will be to act assertive and say, ‘No!’ to anybody who distracts you. Your time at work is important and so anyone who tries to take that away from you will need to be told ‘no!” It may seem harsh but people will slowly get the idea and you will find yourself with little interruption. Are workplace disruptions driving you to leave your job? Why not become a business partner with The Travel Franchise and halt those workplace disruptions when you start running your own business? For further information, contact us 0800 084 8128.

Keeping Meeting Productivity High – Our Tips And Tricks


Keeping productivity high in each and every meeting and ensuring that every time you have one it’s a good use of time and energy can be hard.

Especially this time of year, when everyone is slightly lacking in motivation or not overly sure on just what they want. To help you along the way, we have come up with some useful tips to make your life just that little bit easier and to help keep productivity high in every meeting. Set and send the agenda in advance By doing so you are giving people a heads up and enabling them to prepare for the meeting in plenty of time. When people have a sense of direction, it will help them be ready for discussion and be aware of any information they will need before the meeting has started. Always send the agenda at least 24 hours in advance, for the best productivity. Ensure the right people attend There is no point going ahead with a meeting, if a vital member of the group can’t make that date. You need to be able to make progress in your meetings and with the most important people absent that isn’t going to happen. Arrange meetings around them, if it ensures success, it will be worth it. Don’t overcomplicate things Sometimes the worst thing you can do is jam-pack a meeting. Setting unrealistic expectations for how much you can get through and talk about in a short space of time can be overwhelming for your client. Sometimes making too many decisions at once can make people flake later on in the process. Always end a meeting with a clear path on the next steps Making sure everyone agrees on the direction and knows how they are going to work to get there will ensure.  Assign jobs to the right people and give a clear outline on where you want to be by the next meeting. With our top tips to help you, making every meeting count is so achievable. Remember time is money and the less wasted time the better for you, and better for your client. The Travel Franchise is here to help and support you with your clients, for any more information get in touch today.