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Finding your first customer in your new travel business

A brilliant question we always get asked is, will I be able to find any customers if I start a travel business. The very simple answers is YES! And here is how you get started. You’ll be amazed how simple it is to find your first every customer!

John Hays Joins The Advisory Board At The Travel Franchise

Throughout the travel industry, there are few people that hold such status as John Hays. Widely respected for creating the UK’s largest independent travel agency Hays Travel, achieving sales of over 800 million John is an industry leader within the travel world.

Daley Thompson Joins Not Just Travel

Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson joins Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise as the new public face and brand ambassador for the rapidly growing travel brand.
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Meet the travel franchise everyone is talking about

Meet the travel agency franchise causing a stir in the travel industry. Making more high earning franchise owners than well know high street brands.
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Travel Agency Business Opportunity with The Travel Franchise

If you are tired of waking up to an alarm clock, tired of sitting in traffic and tired of earning money for your boss, make a change. Join over 400 other travel business owners in the Travel Franchise making 5 figure incomes working when and where they choose.

The Travel Franchise ‘Not Just Travel’ Home Working Agency Receives Big Press

This week ‘Not Just Travel’ the home working agency of The Travel Franchise made it into Travel Weekly, an industry recognised business travel publication. Steve Witt co-founder of The Travel Franchise was welcomed to speak on the company’s continued growth and success during 2016 following into 2017.

The Travel Franchise: The Working Environment and Mental Health

Recent studies have found that, more than a third of UK employees say their current working environment is having a negative effect on their mental state of mind, while one in two feel that their particular workplace ‘does not manage mental health issues well’.

The way an employee thinks, feels and behaves can have a massive impact on everything they do in the office, from their productivity and communication to keeping themselves and others safe. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the company to promote good mental health in the workplace. The Travel Franchise believes it is important for our franchisees to promote good mental health in their own working environment, whether that is in a home office or a small workplace. Create a Healthy Environment It is important to look at the lifestyle you are currently living. While it may be tempting to do bookings into the early hours of the morning, or speaking to clients on your days off, you need to establish time between work and your day-to-day life, to promote a healthy work environment. Taking regular breaks and turning off your phone once you finish work, are all examples of a healthy environment.  Identify Mental Health Risks  One in four adults will experience a mental illness in a year, but most will suffer in silence and some just fail to notice they are experiencing mental health issues. As these can turn into serious issues in the future, as a franchisee you should be aware of any risk factors and symptoms of mental health issues. Talk About It  If you feel as though you are suffering with any mental health issues, you should seek support from our team at The Travel Franchise or outside help. It’s important to talk about mental health issues, they are treatable with help and so it’s essential that you attend therapy appointments or speak to someone you trust. Has the working environment had an impact on your mental health? Do you feel as though your managers cannot help you with any issues you may be having? Our team at The Travel Franchise constantly aim to support our franchisees and want to see them succeed with starting their own businesses. If you want to become a business partner with The Travel Franchise, call 0800 084 8128 or for further information, look here.

5 Time Wasting Habits That Stop You From Being Productive


It’s astonishing how much time we must waste each day, simply procrastinating and not being productive. Did you know that research shows on average we waste 3 hours per day, being unproductive with our time?

Those 3 hours’ amount to 1095 hours over the course of the year. As you know, in business time is money so imagine the effect that could be having on your yearly salary, especially if you work for yourself and manage your own time. So, The Travel Franchise have picked the 5 most popular time wasters, to show you what you could focus on cutting out of your everyday routine to help being productive. Not planning your day – Without set goals for the day and a to-do list, how are you to know what needs to be achieved. You will waste time thinking about what needs to be done and where you need to be. With a set plan and a list of jobs that need to be completed and a time frame for each one, you will find that you become a lot more productive in your day. As well as this it is a lot more satisfying when you know you can tick off those items and finish the day with more time the next for more meetings. Looking at your phone – We all do it. It becomes an addictive obsession and something we can’t put down. But imagine if you put away your mobile solidly for a couple of hours and cracked down on some work. Imagine how much you could get done. Even though it can be hard, as you have people to talk to and messages to reply too, waiting an hour or two for a response isn’t the end of the world. Especially if it isn’t urgent. Talking to your co-workers – It’s easy when you’re in an office to get distracted and pulled into a conversation with your co-workers. But that 2 minutes here and there soon mount up. Try to keep the talking to a minimum and only start a conversation when you’re on a lunch break. This can be a positive to working for yourself, as there isn’t as much temptation to talk to other people. Complaining – Negativity can be a huge time waster and in turn make you very unproductive for the rest of the day. Come Monday morning we all know that we would rather be tucked up in bed, but complaining about it won’t get you anywhere. Make each day count and instead of complaining, talk issues through with clients, and keep your productivity high. Are these some of the things you find yourself doing daily? Is this something you could cut down or cut out altogether? Being productive will help your business growth and help you to succeed. Becoming a travel consultant for The Travel Franchise, can help. We can support you with your workload, and you don’t have to worry about others distracting you or bringing you down, as you work for yourself. Your productivity will show, in your level of success and keep you motivated. For more information please contact us today.