Elaine and Paul talk about training at The Travel franchise

Getting Started in The Travel Franchise with Elaine and Paul

At The Travel Franchise, we believe in helping you get started properly. That’s why once you complete training, you have a team dedicated to help you grow
Travel Agency Franchise

5 Simple Ways to Find Customers in Your New Travel Business

One of the biggest questions we get asked at The Travel Franchise is, how will I find customers? It’s a natural fear for everyone who joins. So, to help you see just how simple it can be, we have compiled our top 5 ways of finding customers (although when you join we give you over 100 different ideas).
Daley Thompson & The Travel Franchise Give To Charity

The Travel Franchise Raises £1977 for Charity

At this year’s Travel Franchise Christmas party, not only did we have fantastic fun, Daley Thompson helped us raise £1977 for the charity Mind. Find out how.

Homeworking Travel Agency of The Year 2017

For the third year in a row, our travel homeworking business has been voted Homeworking Agency of The Year. A top accolade for a top business. Find out more
Travel Franchise Annual Conference

The Travel Franchise Annual Conference

There is always a lot of excitement around our Annual Conference, none more so than this year. After a year of breaking all records, winning so many awards and creating so much success, what would our conference hold for everyone?
Travel homeworkers on Elite Experience with The Travel Franchise

The Elite Experience in Mauritius

We’ve come to the end of an amazing week in Mauritius as everyone heads home to the UK. What started off as an educational trip has turned into a journey of discovery for many. 29 of our team, our business partners and our friends, 1 amazing island, 7 stunning hotels, 3 days of coaching but most importantly, ‘countless’ memories and moments have been created.
Travel agent and travel consultant

10 Reasons to Book a Holiday Through a Travel Consultant

Check out the 10 most important reasons why people MUST book your next holiday with a Travel Consultant rather than booking their holiday direct
Steve Mitchell joins The Travel Franchise

New Addition to The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise has invested heavily in helping ensure your new travel business is as successful as possible. Steve Mitchell is appointed Head of Franchise Business Development

The worlds first franchise that gives your money back?

The Travel Franchise gives back 100% of it’s franchise fee! We reward those who complete training and get active. Find out how you could get all of your franchise fee back within 12 months.

Franchising and Single Parents; Why It’s a Perfect Match

In Britain, more than 650,000 single parents are unemployed and it’s understandable to see why. One of the biggest challenges facing single parents today is finding suitable work that will fit around family arrangements.

You may not be able to work full-time or even the idea of returning to work could be daunting for you, but nearly half of unemployed single parents are considering starting their own business due to the lack of flexible and rewarding jobs out there. So, here’s why franchising is perfect for single parents: Flexible  A good franchise model should work around you and your life, meaning you can tailor your working day around you and your kids. Many franchise businesses, including the Travel Franchise, are home based and offer flexible, even part-time hours, meaning you can work from nine to three to fit in with the kid’s school time. Home Based Another benefit of franchising, is that it fits in with single parents, especially those with young kids as most franchises are home based. This means you work from home in your designated office, pick up the kids from pre-school in the afternoon and return to work if you need to. Support Many single parents lack the confidence to start working again after leaving the job market for so long. However, you needn’t be scared about running your own business in 2017. A good franchise will have a team in place to support you through the learning and confidence building phase of your training. You would then also get support from fellow franchisees that have completed the training. Independence  Franchising can offer the chance for single parents to be their own boss and take control of something that is their own. While it can be stressful in the first few months, once you see the end result of what you have achieved, you will appreciate the hard work you put in. Do you have a passion for travel? And want to be your own boss? For further information about joining The Travel Franchise, get in touch with a member of our team at 0800 084 8128