The Mini Challenge Giveaway: Our biggest incentive yet!

Find out how five of our Travel Consultants are driving away in a brand-new Mini Cooper, and four of them with brand new iPad Pros, courtesy of The Travel Franchise!

Money Back Challenge Winner: Lorraine Robinson

It’s been a record of a week here at The Travel Franchise, and we’re excited to announce yet another Money Back Challenge winner. Lorraine Robinson will be receiving 100% of her franchise fee back, meaning she’s succeed in setting up her very own business for FREE.

Money Back Challenge Winner: Sarah Watts

This month we are saying a big well done to Sarah Watts for completing the Money Back Challenge and winning back her franchisee fee in FULL. Want to know how you can do the same? Find out how Sarah did it below…
Debbie Hunt Travels the World with The Travel Franchise

Passion for travel turns into success at The Travel Franchise

We recently caught up with Debbie Hunt, one of our Supreme Travel Consultants, to find out a bit more about how she went from selling luxury motors, to teaming up with The Travel Franchise to start a business which has allowed her to achieve the luxury lifestyle she knows and loves.
Lisa and Paul on The Travel Franchise

What does Lisa think after 1 year in the business?

Lisa joined the Travel Franchise one year ago, but what does she think now? Did she make the right decision? Why did she join and want to start a travel business?
4 Travel Franchisee's

Meet Franchisee’s from The Travel Franchise

We catch up with and hear from four Travel Consultants who have started their very own travel business with The Travel Franchise
Illesh MOney Back Challenge Winner

Supreme Travel Consultants Gets Money Back

He joined with our top franchise package and already he’s qualified for the Money Back Challenge
Angela Money Back Challenge Winner

Angela Gets Her Franchise Fee Back in 8 Months

Angela has the perfect job, enjoys flexibility of working when she wants and now has just got 100% of her franchise fee back in just 8 months.

Why did Billy join The Travel Franchise?

The Travel Franchise has been a life-changing experience for Billy and Bozena. We have helped them start their very own travel business, find new clients and give them access to some amazing holiday suppliers. Plus we are always there to help.
Nicki and Andy Get Their Money Back with The Travel Franchise

More Money Back Challenge Winners with The Travel Franchise

Andy and Nicki are the latest couple to get 100% of their franchise fee back as part of the unique ‘Money Back Challenge’ offer from The Travel Franchise