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10 Reasons to Book a Holiday Through a Travel Consultant

Check out the 10 most important reasons why people MUST book your next holiday with a Travel Consultant rather than booking their holiday direct

Atul’s Success Story With The Travel Franchise

With no previous travel experience, Atul’s business has flourished over the past 4 years. Learn more about his story as he chats to Paul Harrison.

Ian & Susan’s Success Story With The Travel Franchise

From a very much part-time Travel Consultant to a full-time couple of Travel Consultants. Ian and Susan have seen their business flourish. Learn more about their story as they chat to Paul Harrison.

John Hays Joins The Advisory Board At The Travel Franchise

Throughout the travel industry, there are few people that hold such status as John Hays. Widely respected for creating the UK’s largest independent travel agency Hays Travel, achieving sales of over 800 million John is an industry leader within the travel world.
Steve Mitchell joins The Travel Franchise

New Addition to The Travel Franchise

The Travel Franchise has invested heavily in helping ensure your new travel business is as successful as possible. Steve Mitchell is appointed Head of Franchise Business Development
Travel Consultant Training from The Travel Franchise

Meet Miles!

Today we meet Miles, a new member of the team working in our Bournemouth head office. We are very excited to intoduce you and to find out more. Miles tell us about yourself!  So, I grew up in Epsom in Surrey and moved to sunny Dorset with my family to renovate an old thatched cottage at around 10 years old after my father closed his London print firm. I can play classical guitar and have a secret life of music production hush hush, I don’t do so much anymore but I still try to if I get a chance. I love classic cars, my father restores MG’s in his spare time and I own a beloved stardust green TVR. Other than that I’m pretty chilled out and spend most of my time watching whiteboard Fridays and working with the team here. And what is your history in terms of previous work? My previous work history mostly surrounds areas of sales and marketing. I studied marketing with the chartered institute and did a brief spell working in insurance, selling policies to fund the incredibly steep studying charges. Since my CIM studies I’ve worked in sales &  marketing for number of firms, such as Dream Cottages, & Colonial Leisure Group an Australian hospitality group with interest in a selection of hospitality experiences throughout Australian and Brittan. Prior to starting with Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise I worked in the marketing department for Keytek focusing on SEO and localised search along with a range of other digital marketing tasks. What attracted you to this role? I enjoyed working in travel, I later discovered my previous roles at CLG and so on were far more exciting! Eager to get back into working with travel, the role here came up and I applied, the rest is history! You are 4 months into the position now. What have been your best moments? Best moments, well it’s hard to say really as I’ve only just started getting into projects. What I will say is there’s lots of exciting things happening currently, ask me a year down the line and I’ll happily let you know. What is your impression of The Travel Franchise before commencing work and now you have settled in? The Travel Franchise is a great place to work, there’s a strong sense of family in the business here! I never really had any concerns prior to starting, but all I can say is it’s a fun place to be, everyone works hard, achieves targets, and it’s quite laid back, we may work very long hours but its enjoyable – there is always something new happening! Let’s talk about travel- Where is your favourite place in the world and why? My favourite place in the world is a little spot in Tijoco Bajo where I used to spend some time. It’s very quiet and rural there. Watching the sunset from the terrace is great it’s very peaceful, there are no nearby houses and all you can see is La Gomera. It holds a lot of semimetal memories for me and one slightly loud ostrich. Where would you love to go? There are a million places I would like to go it’s difficult to choose, I would like to see the Inca settlement of Machu Picchu, although quite cliché now. I find ancient and Sumerian history fascinating! I think it’s one of those places you need to see before you’re gone.

The Travel Franchise Expands (again)

Exciting news has been released today from The Travel Franchise Headquarters.

We, along with our sister company Not Just Travel, have just expanded our office complex, which not only provides our head office team with new offices but also allows us more training rooms and support facilities. We are adding in a dedicated meeting, video and audio recording center providing our Travel Consultants with specialist facilities such as: • Live streaming video and audio webinars • Video and audio training content from corporate team and 3rd parties • High quality unique training content recorded from suppliers and operators • Dedicated facilities to record specialist and exclusive travel and franchise podcasts Impressively this is our third such increase in less than a year, purely so we can keep up with the incredible growth our company is experiencing. To our knowledge this is a first in the travel franchise arena, if not within the entire franchise sector.

So why is this so special? Can this not just be put down to the unbelievable growth of a business but the inevitable extra space required as a knock on effect of this?

The answer is no. Everything we do in our business is dedicated to our Travel Consultants. We are passionate about seeing them succeed and this is a huge step in helping many of them do just that, and this is why: • What we have put together is completely unique to The Travel Franchise. • We believe that there are no other franchises that have dedicated as much resources to training and support as we have, every penny of the franchise fee is invested in more ways to ensure success. • We have built close working relationships with our suppliers to benefit our travel consultants. • We are making huge financial investments in the most up to date technology in order to make this possible. • Everything we do is designed to increase our Travel Consultants sales; this is where we do benefit, as it is how we make our money too. • This program should make it easier for travel consultants to sell holidays. • It should also make the entire business model infallible meaning people who have no prior experience in the travel industry can build a successful business with us. We hope you can see that no one is as excited about your success as we are. When you join The Travel Franchise you don’t just become part of a team you join a family. All you have to do to find out how you can grow your own successful travel business is to put your name in the box on the side of this article; we’ll speak to you soon.
Steve Witt. arard winning travel franchise become a millionaire

Our Award Winning Travel Franchise is 15!

Yesterday we celebrated our very own Travel Franchise turning 15. We have had an amazing time working in what can only be described as the most enjoyable industry in the world – travel. It has been an incredible experience watching our company expand at such a rapid rate; we believe it is actually the fastest growing business in its industry not to mention award-winning. That’s right, if you didn’t know before you do now- in December 2015 we were thrilled to receive the ‘Home Working Agency of The Year‘ at the prestigious T2 awards. Officially The Best Travel Business in the UK This means we beat hundreds of other travel agencies across Britain and it’s something everyone in our business is really proud of. In the last twelve months alone we have:
  • Sponsored the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power weekend.
  • Held Millionaires Retreats and Elite Experiences.
  • Held 2 national UK conferences as we just have so much to shout about!
  •  Became what we believe to be fastest growing Travel Franchise in UK today
  •  Become one of the top travel companies in UK’s largest independent buying group.
  • Won Home Working Agency of the Year.
  • Seen monthly and yearly 3 figure perecentage increases in sales when other companies were reporting single figure growth.
  •  Held training events all around the UK because we want to help our teams grow.
  • Been featured in UK press
As briefly mentioned above we have developed the exclusive Millionaires Retreat, something only we offer and is therefore completely unique to our franchise. This opportunity has received rave reviews from high net worth individuals due to its entrepreneurial seminars and special guest speakers. As if it couldn’t get any better this has amazingly now grown to emcompass our fabulous Elite experience too. Mid 2016 we had the incredible opportunity to sponsor the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power weekend in London – a huge achievement as we had to be personally approved by Tony Robbins and aligned with his brand. We have had the unique pleasure of being able to join hundreds of people all over the UK in their own journey as they build their very own travel franchises and create their own financial freedom, which have paid out millions –  and we know the best isn’t even here yet. We would like to say a huge thank you to our ever-patient office staff, our growing team of Travel Consultants who we are honoured to call our business partners and our friends and family who have listened to and supported us throughout the years. We are now even more excited about our future and when you find out what we have in store we are certain you will be as enthusiastic as we are. We are looking forward to spending this time growing, working and reaching dizzy new heights with you. Steve, Paul and Robin.  
How To Make Money From Your Business Idea. franchise travel

How To Make Money From Your Business Idea.

Have you ever wondered how to make money from your business idea? Anyone can have one, but how do you ensure that it will become a success?

When starting a new business venture, earnings are expected to be minimal to begin with but with hard work and dedication you will be able to enjoy a career where you make money and live comfortably by doing what you love!

Here are some tips you can use to help make this happen:

Stick to what you knowThis may be the case for some business owners when setting up their own company and of course it most certainly helps if you have a bit of background knowledge in the industry you are venturing in to. However, with The Travel Franchise there could be a number of ways that you may have prepped yourself for a career creating perfect holidays for customers! Perhaps you’ve had some experience as a travel agent, maybe you studied in some form of business management or travel and tourism many moons ago, it could be as simple as just being well-travelled yourself. If you have a passion for a particular place or feel you’d get something back from providing the perfect holiday for friends and family, then this business may well be for you!How To Make Money From Your Business Idea. Have a clear business planIn any new business venture you will need a strategy and a clear plan. When you set up a new business alone, no one will tell you how do it. One of the luxuries of running your own business is that you can completely become your own boss with your own targets and expectations. However, if the thought of starting out as an individual scares you slightly, perhaps because you lack the experience in that area of business, it can be reassuring to know that you have the backing, information and a ready-made business plan from the experts to get you up and running! Stand out from the crowdAny new business should find their niche or specialty; something you can offer that the competition can’t. By making yourself individual you will then have access to a target market that others may not be able to approach. The Travel Franchise can help you find your USP. Whether you wish to specialise in a certain area of travel by providing a honeymoon and wedding service or focus specifically on the Far East, you don’t become just another travel agent. There is the opportunity to develop your own very unique business should you wish to. Network – It’s not what you know but who you know, a well known adage that couldn’t be more accurate! When starting your new business, it is always important to network and get to know people in your industry. The more contacts you have the more opportunity there is to make more money and possibly expand your business. In the case of the travel industry, everybody goes on holiday so simply talking about your business and getting your name out there could increase sales. We hope you found this article helpful, whatever industry you may be branching out in to. If you would like to find out more about starting a new business please feel free to get in touch.
Travel Franchise Journey

The Travel Franchise Opens it’s Doors

See behind the scenes of The Travel Franchise and see the secrets of starting your own successful travel business. Special franchise preview event. Book Now