Daley Thompson Joins Not Just Travel

Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson joins Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise as the new public face and brand ambassador for the rapidly growing travel brand. Symbolizing hard work, dedication and motivation to be the best, Daley Thompson is helping both Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise visualize their company ethos to the public. Working closely with Franchise members and the brand to help showcase their commonly shared goals of success.

Daley-Thompson-Not-Just-Travel-Brand -Ambassador

From jumping hurdles, launching javelins and sprinting at an incredible pace to become the worlds best during his time, Daley Thompson knows a little about being the best and working with persistence to get the very best results. The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel pride themselves in providing outstanding support and motivating its franchise members to go that extra distance in growing their businesses and providing exceptional service to its customers. So it’s no surprise that Daley Thompson would join forces with the rapidly growing travel company Not Just Travel as brand ambassador.


During the last 6 years The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel have become widely recognised as the fasted growing travel agency franchise in the UK. From achieving industry recognised awards and dominating the Hays independent travel agency group their attitude towards winning and determination is closely shared with Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson. When Daley found the Travel Franchise from the enthusiasm and motivational attitude of one of its travel consultant he was instantly interested in discovering more about the company and how he could involved with the travel brand, leading Daley to show his support by becoming the new brand ambassador for Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise.

Paul Harrison Co Founder of The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel adds “As Brand Ambassador, Daley Thomson will help represent the values of the business, but also help the growing team of franchisees (Travel Consultants) across the UK grow their business, as a public face to the business, but more importantly for us, he’ll act as a mentor and a coach to our team.”

Daley is a British sporting icon and known worldwide for his Olympic achievements and success through hard work and dedication to be the best. However, Daley is also know of track from building his own fitness business ‘Daley Fitness’ and shown incredible support to charities such as Bernado’s.

Bringing his business knowledge and Olympic determination, Daley will provide even more motivation to push the business even further and is an incredible asset for franchise owners. An instantly recognisable face that represents everything Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise stand for.