The Elite Experience in Mauritius

The Elite Experience in Mauritius

The Elite Experience is unlike anything else you will have seen in Travel before. Every single of our Elite Franchisee’s has the opportunity to experience a unique training programme designed to immerse you in success. The feeling of success and the skills to create success, while at the same time learning about an amazing destination.

This time around, we chose Mauritius and what an experience it was. Here are just some of the highlights of the November Elite Experience:

  • A truly 5-star experience
  • Behind the scenes look at tourism
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Unique blend of coaching and learning

A truly 5-star experience

WOW! Nothing else can describe that feeling as we walked into your hotel rooms in Mauritius. Plunge pools, tropical showers, stunning views and beds you would never want to leave. And that doesn’t begin to describe the hotel, the fine dining experiences, the golf courses and the level of service we received.

As a guest of the best hotel group in Mauritius, we have been treated like royalty. During our stay with Beachcomber, we have quite possibly stayed at some of the nicest hotels in the world.

Behind the scenes look at tourism

With our Elite Experiences, we don’t just enjoy our locations like tourists. We actually go behind the scenes and see what goes into making our clients’ dreams come true. On an Elite Experience, you get to experience the true highlights of the destination so that you can truly believe in what you are selling.

Sunset Cruise in Paradise

Enjoying champagne aboard two luxury yachts as we cruise from our hotel to watch the sun go down in paradise. There really is nothing quite like sharing a drink and a BBQ with friends, while looking at a paradise island.

Fun in the Sun

Our Elite Experience is built around coaching, but we ensure the entire experience is built around fun. What better way to learn than while enjoying yourself with other like-minded professionals. From enjoying watersports to fine food, late night drinks to visiting nature reserves. There really was fun for everyone.

Unique Blend of Coaching and Learning

The Elite Experience is about creating success. There is no other training programme within the travel industry like this. We have mashed together learning about destinations and products, with a coaching programme designed specifically to create a successful travel business, while at the same time immersing ourselves in a luxurious environment. In fact, the content of our coaching programme would be worth £1000’s on the open market, let alone the experiences we have shared.

Why do we do it this way?

Everyone learns more when they are enjoying themselves, but we also motivate ourselves to achieve more when we have a real feel for the lifestyle which comes with success.

Partnerships for Success

At The Travel Franchise, we work with literally hundreds of tour operators and travel partners. However, for each Elite Experience, we chose one key tour operator to partner with. Together we create unique marketing initiates and incentives which help our Elite Consultants attract more customers.

This Elite Experience is no different. Our close relationship with Beachcomber Tours means that we have created exclusive offers which are guaranteed to make it easier for us to all promote Mauritius and the Beachcomber products.  In fact, as part of this week in Mauritius, we have created unique Facebook promotions, emails campaigns and videos which have meant our team have actually been receiving enquiries while sat on the beach in Mauritius. How many businesses give you this opportunity!

If you would like to learn more about The Travel Franchise and becoming an Elite Travel Consultant, working from home and enjoying a business like no other, then click here to enter our discovery website.

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