Starting a travel business? How do you find your first customer?

A question we get asked a lot before people join The Travel Franchise is, will I be able to find any customers?

A very understandable question. So here is just one idea of how you might find your very first customer. [click to learn more]

If I asked you…

How many people do you know who go one holiday?

You can probably instantly think of a handful (or more), of people you personally know who go on holiday at least once a year. True?

The great news is, this is as complicated as The Travel Franchise gets! Many of these friends, family and people you know will actually go on holiday more than once a year. [click to learn more]

When you sit and think about it, most of us already actually know hundreds of people. All we say to those people is:

“Do me a favour. Before you book your next holiday, give me a try”

No pressure and no ‘selling’ required.

So, just from talking to friends, family and people you know, you should be able to easily find your very first customer and probably do so very quickly.

The reality is, and we prove this every day in The Travel Franchise, you won’t just find your first customer, you will find lots and lots of customer.

Remember: This is just one way of finding customers. During training, we teach many brilliant and simple ways to find customers.

Want to know more about The Travel Franchise and how we help you start your very own travel business?

Who do you know who goes on holiday?

Finding customers with The Travel Franchise

Just one of hundreds of ways we can show you to find customers when you start your very own travel business with The Travel Franchise