Meet the travel franchise creating more high earners than high-street travel brands

The Travel Franchise from Bournemouth is creating some serious noise in the travel industry and its franchise members are making thousands of pounds each month with their travel franchises of Not Just Travel. Many people are asking how this is possible and how the company is experiencing so much growth when others are struggling to compete with online travel comparison sites.

The Travel Franchise team are here to help

It only takes a new travel consultant one week

to complete their initial training and set up their travel franchise and start earning from booking customers onto holidays under the Not Just Travel, travel brand. Home working travel agency of the year, number one in the Hays independent travel agency league and record breaking sales for 2017 are just some of the achievements The Travel Franchise have made stepping into 2017 says Steve Witt co-founder of The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel. Oddly the rest of the team and franchise owners seem relaxed with these statements as if this is just another day in the life of The Travel Franchise. Achieving recognition for more and more travel related successes seem somewhat in the nature of the employees of this otherwise unknown travel group. Paul Harrison – Franchise Director states ‘We will probably be giving another franchise owner their money back by the end of day’. This is not because they are unimpressed with their franchise but because the company is so confident of their travel franchise model that they are willing to offer all the franchise owners investment back to them if they achieve a set amount of sales in a set period from joining, and this is happening nearly every week.

MD of The Travel Franchise Steve Witt

The Travel Franchise is unique,

its company ethos is somewhat a little different to other travel companies. It prides itself in teaching, learning and developing their franchise owners in mastering nearly every element of owning a business. ‘We know that the world is changing and we know it’s impersonal, we filled our in-house corporate team with professionals from all area in which a business needs – Business development, travel industry training, marketing, IT and digital marketing to name a few. These professionals teach and develop all our franchise owners with their knowledge thus making them business experts. The growth of this company is remarkable. Because of this, new franchisees leave their training with a model of building a travel business from scratch and this clearly is working as travel sales for Not Just Travel are achieved record highs in 2017 and they now hold over 150 successful franchises. The company was founded by Steve Witt and its franchise department is directed by Paul Harrison. Paul and Steve come from very different backgrounds. Steve from an IT, SEO and digital background and Paul Harrison a master of direct sales. Their professional experience of building businesses seems to be the perfect mix.“We wanted to create a business that enables people to have the lifestyle they desire. We knew with the correct training and development and procedures in place this was possible. Everyone has the ability to achieve their life’s desire some just need to the gaps of knowledge to be filled, and this is what we do. We set out with finding the correct staff to bridge these gaps and gave them the tools to succeed, and where better to do this than in travel”

The Travel Franchise have had franchise owners receiving personal awards for their franchises and have sent hundreds of owners away on trips around the globe paid for by their supplier’s due to the sales they make. The Travel Franchise really is changing people’s lives.

However, the company is just getting started.

With more and more franchisees wanting to join, their training slots are fully booked months in advance. With lists of people wanting to sign up and build businesses with The Travel Franchise. The scalability of the Travel Franchise is incredible. Many travel companies are currently fighting for the same space, they all want to sell their holidays online, they want to take away their stores and try to convert holiday makers online. For big brands this is fine, but for the rest, they struggle with a huge problem of making their brand stand out among the noise in the digital landscape. This is where The Travel Franchise is different. The model is not built like this. “Starting from scratch online costs money and our franchisees can’t compete with the big budgets of the large travel brands so we start small”. Every travel consultant has family, they have friends they are helped with building awareness of their company on a small scale as a starting point. From here the Travel Franchise uses smart marketing techniques to retain these customers, spread their name and build on a local word of mouth basis incorporating digital marketing to assist, it also ensures bookings from day one. Their business grows from here using all the techniques a corporate business would use but on a more personal level, this ensures retention, repeat bookings and natural spread from word of mouth, both on and offline. What’s so interesting is that word of mouth is taken online, through social media, which then generates enquiries on the travel consultant’s personal websites. “It’s genius” comments Steve Mitchel, head of franchise development.

This is just the start,

the tip of the ice berg so to speak. Franchise members are offered multiple marketing tools to help across all mediums of channels, one’s that suit them and that they are confident with. It’s this formula that helps each franchise owner grow and grow and grow. “It’s still a work in progress, there is still so much to do and so many ideas we are generating day on day, there just isn’t the hours” laughs Steve Witt. The Travel Franchise is growing and with the list of franchise owners wanting to sign up it won’t be long until you know of Not Just Travel as your house hold travel agent.