Why Work In The Travel Industry

52 Million Holidays Taken from The UK Last Year

With over 50 million potential customers in 2013, a global spend of over $17 trillion, the overseas travel market is the biggest legal industry in the world. It therefore makes sense to start a business in an industry with more customers than any other. Not only that, with so much being spent, it means there are good profits to be made.

Couple this with the fact that over 15% of a person’s income is spent on leisure activities every week; you are entering a franchise which has enormous ‘recession’ proof income.

Travel is The Biggest Legal Industry In The World

52 million UK people travelled outside of the UK in 2012

The UK spent £250 billion on travel and holidays in 2009 (not including UK travel)

85% of people plan 1-3 leisure breaks in the next 3 months

1.75 million people in the UK took a cruise in 2012 and more expected in 2013