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100k In Travel Sales And It’s Only Been 8-Weeks Since Lindsay & Tom First Started

Imagine if I told you that 8 weeks from today you will have sold 100k in travel sales (during a pandemic) you wouldn’t believe it right? Lindsay and Tom did exactly that whilst juggling other jobs and family life.

We caught up with Lindsay Coulter this week to find out more, press play below…

  1. When did you start your travel business? 
  2. What was your first-ever booking like and who was it for? 
  3. What has been your biggest holiday booking yet?
  4. How did you find the majority of these customers? 
  5. When are the majority of bookings departing? 
  6. You’re very active on Facebook, what has worked well for you? 
  7. What changes have you noticed since starting? 

You can find out more about Lindsay and Tom in another interview with them here.

If Lindsay has inspired you, why not take the first step just like she did and watch the video tour OR if you have seen the tour and feel ready book your application call.

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