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10th June Live Online Event

As we’ve not been able to run live events this year, this is your chance to get to know who you’ll be in partnership with. But the real stars of the show are our franchisees who’ve made their business a success.

5 reasons you cannot miss this…

  1. You’ll learn from people who’ve done this for years
  2. You’ll hear from those who are earlier in their journey
  3. You’ll gain insight from those who joined during the pandemic
  4. You’ll hear from Co-Founder Steve and Paul to get to know them better
  5. This opportunity to meet so many franchisees at once won’t come around again soon

There are limited spaces, and it’s first come first served, so please reserve your place now if you’re interested.

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Here are just a few of the success stories we’ve been seeing…

  1. Reshma achieves the Money Back Challenge
  2. Ross’s £76K booking
  3. David reaches £10 million in holiday sales
  4. Amy achieves the Money Back Challenge
  5. Ben & Toni have the best month they’ve had in years
  6. Ruth and Todd made it work despite the pandemic
  7. Lindsay and Tom reach £100k in 8 weeks
  8. Sean helps Rocky fans with a dream holiday
  9. Maureen achieves the Money Back Challenge
  10. Rachel creates some promising partnerships for her business

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