Another Money Back Challenge achieved…

Congratulations to Paul who today has hit his Money Back Challenge target as a Travel Consultant Elite. Remember, we give you twelve months to achieve the target, paul has just reached it in 5. That’s right… 5 months. His business has now cost him nothing and his commission earnings for January so far, with 5 […]

This is why EVERYONE joins The Travel Franchise

People ask me what is your USP? It is hard to say as we have so many: Millionaires Retreat Elite Experience Mentorship Programme 100% Money Back Challenge to name but a few… … however, for me, the “jewel in the crown” of our business is our Partners in Travel program. As a Travel Consultant you […]

New Exclusive Supreme pack launched…

We have recently launched a very exclusive new Travel Consultant Supreme package which will only be available to 20 people. This is aimed at really serious individuals who are looking to create a 6 & 7 figure annual business with us. For full details please call me on 0151 7243534 to discuss. Cheers   Paul

Merry Christmas…

We wish you a Merry Christmas everyone and hope you have a prosperous New Year. One way to increase your chances of that of course is to invest in a proven business model. In 2016 we broke records again and 2017 is going to be bigger, better, stronger, faster… Have a great holiday period and […]

Yet another innovation to help our Travel Consultants

On 1st January 2017 we launch our innovative new Email Marketing Programme. In the past it has been the responsibility of our Travel Consultants to set up their own communication systems with their customers and potential customers and also, to create the content which they want to share. However, we recognise that this is a […]

Our 2016 Annual Conference

Last week saw our most successful annual conference to-date which has been hailed as a resounding success. Over 150 people were educated in the past, present and future of Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise. Our journey has been nothing short of miraculous. A once tiny travel agency in a sleepy town in Dorset […]

Major improvements being announced…

On Thursday this week over 150 of our Travel Consultants will attend our 2nd Annual Conference. There will be a host of announcements which will include: New and improved websites and online marketing systems New products New training and information and new recognition programme… We are already leading the industry but we strive to continuously […]

New Year, New Improvements, New Prices

At The Travel Franchise we have a policy of continuous improvement, which means we are forever making great changes and enhancements all designed to give our Travel Consultants a better business and to help them be the best entrepreneur they can be. In 10 days we will hold our Annual Conference and Christmas Party where […]

Only 3 places left to join in 2016…

The photo is Octobers new franchisee’s at the end of their training week. Novembers training is now full and there are 3 seats left in Decembers training. If you want to be on this training and positioned in time for the January sales I recommend you call me asap – 0151 7243534.