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£4 Million In Holiday Sales

Mark and Isobel McCardie recently smashed through the £4 million sales barrier and it was only December 2020 they hit £3 million! An amazing achievement from this travel-loving couple. Just imagine the numbers without a pandemic…

Like everyone within the industry, this couple was affected by the pandemic and like all the best travel consultants out there they had the most work to do on rebookings. But in true Mark and Isobel fashion, they set new goals and objectives and continue to be open to all the learning opportunities they can within Not Just Travel.

Since joining The Travel Franchise in 2017, Mark and Isobel McCardie have not looked back. They have been so successful that they earned 100% of their franchise fee back thanks to our unique Money Back Challenge.

Isobel and Mark McCardie

From the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere to the financial rewards, it is clear that running their own travel business has changed the McCardie’s lives.

“There is no getting away from it, it is hard work and you need to be prepared for that, but the rewards can be incredible.

We can work from anywhere – coffee shop, hammock on the beach or home, it’s a very portable business and offers you the ability to have a career that is flexible to the modern demands of life; this was really important for us.”

Mark McCardie

Click play below to find out what The McCardie’s favourite holiday bookings have been so far.

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