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5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Surely no-one is making money right now, or are they?

The way it works in travel is that you get paid commissions when your customer travels. So, there isn’t as much money being made right now from international travel, but for Staycations and destinations on the green list, there is still plenty of opportunities to plan dream holidays for your customers and earn commissions.

2 things worth keeping in mind:

  • 66% of travel booked this month is for Summer 2021. Some people just can’t wait to get away and are prepared to go wherever they can, depending on the green list, and are also willing to pay for the COVID tests. Did you know: you can offer these tests as part of the service when you start a travel business with us
  • You’ll get access to 100s of incredible holiday deals for Staycations and Seacations, with the very best holiday suppliers. These holidays don’t require COVID tests and have proven incredibly popular for families, groups and couples right across 2021

Other things to consider:

  • Bookings are being made up until 2023. Many franchisees are putting in the leg work now, ready to bank future commissions when the travel boom comes back
  • To understand how commissions work, watch this useful video by Co-founder Paul by clicking here

2. Why would I want to train now, shouldn’t I wait until people can travel?

The most important thing is that the timing is right for you. With jobs, family, and other commitments to juggle we will never say ‘train now’ but, if you can train sooner rather than later, it’ll pay in the long run.

With our live online training, you can do it from anywhere. You’ll just need a Wifi connection and a computer/laptop.

What are the benefits of training in the next couple of months and not waiting?

  • You’ll be more experienced and confident when travel restrictions ease up and the travel boom returns
  • Your initial training will take just 1 week, but your L plates are still on. Your personal travel and business mentor will be there by your side. This is a great opportunity to build the relationship, familairise yourself with the tools and processes, so by the time travel is back on across more destinations you’ll be confident and business-ready
  • You can make bookings as soon as you are certified, your business is ready to trade the day you finish training. But keep in mind that it can take time to learn, build a client-base and find your feet. These coming months are your ‘run-up’!

Below are just some examples of how quickly you can expect your first booking following training:

  • Discover how these 4 got holiday bookings within their first week of business
  • Ross made a £17k booking 9 days after completing training

3. Can I train whenever I want?

Yes, you can choose from a selection of dates. Our initial training week, in which you’ll become a certified travel consultant, normally runs once a month. We keep the training groups relatively small in order to maintain quality and ensure everyone has the best experience possible, so the spaces usually fill up and sell out fast.

What can I expect in the training?

  • The training groups are kept small
  • You’ll have the chance to meet others in the group, all of whom have started their travel business just like you
  • You’ll be trained on the systems you’ll be using as a personal travel consultant, how to find suppliers, build quotes, as well as sales & marketing
  • You’ll meet your Partnership Manager, the Co-founders, as well as other key members of the Not Just Travel team at HQ who will be there to support you on your journey

You can choose the best training date for you. But 2 things to consider:

  1. The upcoming training dates are nearly all sold out until October. So, to get your preferred date you’ll need to act fast
  2. Our weekend and evening training which will take place in September is a one-time-only event and it’s already close to being full

Upcoming training dates are found here.

4. Are people really using travel agents more?

The trend across the industry is showing that more people are coming to travel agents, in order to have someone to ask questions and to reassure them.

“The more we get through this horrible crisis, the more it’s clear that booking a proper package holiday, through a real human travel agent who you can look straight in the eye, is a really good way to maximise your protection when things start going a little bit wrong.”

TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, quoted on ITV

TV presenter Holmes ended by telling viewers he believed booking with a travel agent was “the future” (Source: TTG).

Holmes on TV talking to viewers, source TTG

“I have spent 16 years trying to explain the value of booking with a travel agent and a person face to face. In 16 months, Covid has done that.”

Chairman Miles Morgan from Morgan Travel, quote from Travel Weekly

Discover the 12 reasons why people book with travel agents here.

5. What if I don’t have the finances in place yet?

If you’re keen to get your training date booked in, but you just need some more time to get your finances in order you can join with just a £995 deposit.

If you join as a Pro, Elite, Supreme, or Entrepreneur it’s a deposit of £995 upon successful application. You can then secure your training place and start getting your travel business ready from a legal/admin point of view with the help of the onboarding team.

If you’re considering the entry Lite package, an initial payment of £2,795 is payable upon successful application. All the details of payments options are available here.

If you join this month you don’t have to train right away, you can choose to get started in August or even September.

Have a question or would like more detail on any of the above? Add your question on the notes section when you book a call back HERE. Or call us on 0800 084 8128.

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