6 Reasons to Buy a Franchise

Top 6 Reasons People Buy a Franchise

Franchising is a proven way to create a successful business. However what makes people just like you or me buy a franchise? What is their motivation to join a franchise rather than starting a business from scratch?

In a survey of new franchisee’s, 6 key motivations were discovered

  1. To start their own business
  2. To have the help and support of others
  3. To be their own boss
  4. To be a part of a proven business model
  5. Because they were made redundant
  6. Recommended by a friend or existing franchisee

Franchising: Start your own business

The main reason people buy a franchise is that they want to start their own business. Something they can create, build and one day maybe sell or pass on to their children.

Franchising gives you the ability to start your own business but without the risk often associated with starting a business.

Franchising – The Help and Support of Others

If you start your very own business from scratch (not as a franchise), you have a lot to learn and no one to turn to for help. With a good franchise, you will receive ample training to get you setup which shortcuts 100’s or 1000’s of trial and error learning and eliminates the need to make costly mistakes.

Plus, with a good franchise, you have access to a support team which act as an extension to your business. With a franchise, you are your own boss, but also part of a team.

Franchising – Be Your Own Boss

Franchising gives you a template to follow which is a recipe for success, but it also gives you the ability to be your own boss. You can set your own hours, control your work and most importantly for many, set your own income.

Be a Part of a Proven Business Model

Over 93% of new franchises are still trading after 3 years, compared to less than 7% of new start-up businesses. If you buy a franchise from an established franchise company, you can see real people, with real businesses achieving real results.

This means that buying a franchise is less of a risk than starting your own business.

Being Made Redundant

Being made redundant can be a stressful time, but it is also a time when people reflect. They no longer want their fate decided by others. They want to take charge of their destiny, Therefore buying a franchise where you can be your own boss but where there is a proven model to follow, gives someone control.

Also investing redundancy money in a future income is often considered a wiser and more sensible idea, rather than spending the money on other things.

If you invest your redundancy wisely, you can then earn more money which can then buy you the things you would like.

Recommended by a Friend

Over 10% of everyone that joins The Travel Franchise does so because they were recommended to do so by a friend. There is no better testament to the success of a franchise, than an existing franchisee recommending it to someone new.

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