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6 Weeks accelerated training programme: Your secret to success!

Here at The Travel Franchise we boast a number of exciting and innovative mentorship programmes that help our consultants succeed. Our Personal Travel Coaches are always on hand for assistance, as well as constant daytime and evening support from our operations team. We also have multiple overseas training events such as our exclusive Millionaires Retreat and Elite Experiences. For UK based smaller events we host regular Mini Retreat days throughout the year, as well as UK Elite weekends. Our Annual Conference was also a great way of celebrating past success and exploring the future vision for our company.

With all this in mind it’s so easy to see just how much emphasis we put on supporting each consultant and helping them grow their business. For new starters in the company, this is even more crucial, as we understand that the first few months in any new business can be the hardest. This is why we have our exclusive Not Just Travel 6 Weeks Accelerated Training Programme. This training programme is available to all franchisees for free, and forms a vital part in laying the foundation for a successful business.

Each of our training weeks for 2019 so far have been fully booked, and we are happy to have seen 60 fresh new recruits graduate from our training week and begin their accelerated training programme. To show just how effective this programme can be, we can look at a group to recently finish:

Class of Feb ’19

After completing their training week on Friday 8th February, each franchisee was proud to call themselves consultants of Not Just Travel! They had a long journey back home and lots to think about from all the information they were provided with over the course of the week. Before some of them had even made it home our accelerated programme had begun, setting targets and mapping out strategies that each franchisee could work on to kick start their business.

Each programme is uniquely tailored to the individual. Whilst they follow the same strategic goals, we work with each franchisee to provide a clear framework for how their business will grow.

By recording the team’s success we can see an amazing start to their journey with Not Just Travel. Here are just a couple of statistics we track to monitor improvement:

Total Number of Bookings


Total Value of Sales


Total Profit


From this data we can see that each franchisee made an average profit of over £2,300 in their first 6 weeks! This is a fantastic achievement for our onboarding team as well as the franchisees who worked very hard to secure each booking.

From here, the group will have continued access to their Personal Travel Coach and Head Office Operations Team. If this is the story of their success within their first 6 weeks, who knows what they will be capable of?!

With unlimited earning potential and an unparralelled support structure, we are proud to work with new business owners and help them embrace the success of their potential

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