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7 Reasons NOT To Wait Until The New Year To Make A Change

It’s the time of year when most people start to wind down – but don’t let this stop you from making a change and realising your dream. After all, this year will be unlike any other year, so it’s a great excuse to put ‘traditions’ on hold. 

‘Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one.’

Brad Paisley

Why January sounds good…

The month of January has always been a popular time for people to make changes or set new goals for themselves.

The month of January is a symbol of new beginnings and a promise of change for the better. And yes, it does have a certain ring to it, but honestly, it doesn’t make any other day of the year less suitable when it comes to making a positive change in our lives.

Why the present sounds even better… 

Waiting for a specific date to start something new is just a form of procrastination. Don’t waste precious time by skipping past what’s possible today.

Online there are 100’s of bloggers who cover the topic of: Now is the time.

One lady called Jennifer 365 summarised it really well when she said..

‘Waiting to begin is half living now for something in the future. You deserve full-on living, not half measures.’

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t wait…

1 – Boost your well-being

Did you know, ‘anticipation’ sits within an area of research called ‘the psychology of happiness’?

Knowing you’re about to start your instant travel business, with your training date booked in for the New Year, could help you to imagine a brighter future.

Some experts claim that this sense or feeling of anticipation can also add meaning to our lives. Taking the leap of faith now could bring a positive boost to your well-being, especially over this festive period.

Not to mention all the places you can dream about visiting if you decide to join, not only for your own (commission-free, discounted) holidays but for the Mega Elite 2021 trip to Cancun.

Please note: The Mega Elite Trip isn’t available on all franchise packages, you can compare all the options here.

‘Anticipation implies a future reward, and rewards are powerful motivators.’  

Smith Crawford

2 –  You’ll be on track to feeling like this…

After an action-packed week, our final training group of 2020 are now certified Personal Travel Consultants with the Not Just Travel family.

Read their reviews about the initial, live training in their own words below.

Their businesses could be totally free by the end of 2021 because they’ve qualified for the Money Back Challenge by joining in December.

3 – Avoid a sense of regret

By seeing the ‘now’ you won’t risk a sense of regret like others who joined and openly say, ‘I just wish I did it earlier…’ 

Meet just some of the people who decided to join this year and make a change.

Judy Mason, aged 48 from Hertfordshire celebrated her first year in business with us this year. Judy went for the Elite Package without hesitation after being a midwife for 20 years.

This month brings my first birthday at Not Just Travel. I have so much to celebrate.

I know I did the right thing to join and start a travel business. Even now.

4  – You’ll benefit from the ‘Peaks’ in travel

By delaying the decision to start your travel business you’ll miss out on all the benefits our franchisees will see in January ‘Peaks’, which is just around the corner. 

Hear from double Olympic champion Daley Thompson on what Peaks mean and why typically from January to February everyone rushes to book their holidays…

5 – You’ll get more time with your mentor

Joining now will mean more time with your travel coach and business mentor, who will be there for you from day 1.

Meet Bejoy who lives in Manchester who describes a ‘partnership manager’ (aka travel business mentor) to be just like a guardian angel.

Partnership Manager’ is like a guardian angel. Everyone gets one when they join and as you grow your business you’ll get the opportunity to work closely with them.

When you are working on your own, you have to make all these decisions, and it’s hard. 

A partnership manager will be by your side, every step of the way, it’s so valuable and priceless.

You can find out more about your partnership manager here.

6 – You’ll be happy you did it

Deciding to start your travel business instead of waiting until New Year’s Day or early 2021 is another way to make sure this change is about you.

Starting now sends a clear message which says ‘this matters to me’ versus ‘I’m making a change just like everyone else in the world at this time’. All those who have waited for the New Year because that’s what society says we should do.

Making a decision and choosing that this is your time keeps it all about you.

‘Ultimately, there’s nothing magical that happens on January 1 at 12:01 a.m.

You could wake up today and say ‘Enough is enough: I don’t want to live like I lived yesterday.’ 

Psychiatrist and life coach Bergina Isbell, M.D

7 – You’ll be just in time to get all these extras

You can get all these amazing extras at no cost if you join in December, as part of our Christmas Cracker offer.

  • Join with the Lite package and get 3 free Partners In Travel Pro packages worth over £597
  • Join with the Pro package and you’ll also get an exclusive seminar with co-founder Paul Harrison, teaching you “The Power Of Leverage” in your new business. This will be priceless, as Paul will break down exactly how he’s built multiple seven-figure businesses using these techniques.
  • If you join with the Elite package, you’ll get all the above and a guaranteed place on our Mega-Elite Experience in Cancun, which promises to be an incredible trip.
  • Or join with the Supreme package. You’ll get everything in the Elite package as well as 3 exclusive one-to-one marketing sessions with our expert team. They’ll help you position your business for massive success.
  • Plus, all franchises Pro and above will come with a guaranteed extra space on your training week if you want to join with a partner.

You can compare our franchise packages here.

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of change in the present? Start today by watching our video tour OR book a call if you’re ready to take the next step.

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