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7 Reasons Why Becoming a Travel Agent at Home Might Be Right For You

There’s no industry quite like travel. An exciting, fast-paced, diverse industry and one which is hugely rewarding. Who doesn’t like talking about holidays after all?  

Ben, aged 34, who joined us a year ago says…

‘I now set my own hours, I am in complete control of my own destiny. I’ve been working hard for other firms for years. I now get a sense of achievement for myself.’

Alongside the perks of being your own boss, there are many other reasons why this might be right for you.

Here are just 7 reasons: 

1) You can work from home or anywhere  

Many companies are now moving towards remote working as it becomes the ‘new norm’ following the pandemic. With technologies like Zoom at our fingertips, it’s more viable than ever.

For our franchisees, working from home is “business as usual”. This lifestyle change is often one of the key reasons why they choose to start a travel business in the first place.

Check out one of our franchisees’ home office, with a personal video tour around Gilly’s stunning home office where she can even host events.

Running a travel business, when joining us, is all possible with a laptop, internet connection, and a phone. Everything else you’ll ever need to run a successful travel business is provided for you.

2) It’s hugely rewarding

Think about it. You spend time browsing dream travel destinations, learning more about our incredible planet, helping people plan unforgettable trips.

Becoming a travel agent at home means you get to spend most of your days speaking to people about a really cool and happy subject. Not to mention the long-term relationships you’ll have fun building along the way.

Just watch the video below from some of our franchisees, who are travel agents working from home, as they count down 5 of the most memorable trips they’ve booked to date. To watch more videos like this one visit real stories.

3) It’s uncapped income

For our franchisees, who are travel agents working from home, they have uncapped incomes. Whether they sell 10 or 100 holidays each month is up to them. Whether they choose to be full-time, part-time, only working on evenings or weekends is their choice.

It’s not unusual to hear that an estate agent, biochemist, marketing manager, London courier who joins us reports back saying that they make more money running a travel business than across their entire career. Why? Because what they get out is directly linked to what they put in. 

With a travel business, they are not paid a set salary based on the number of hours they work, they are paid on performance, doing what they love most. Helping people plan amazing holidays and trips and earning a commission from each booking brings an uncapped income.  

When people join us we don’t put any cap on their potential. Some travel consultants choose to do it part-time alongside another job, while others make more than £100,000 a year. 

4) You get to travel more for less

There are a number of ways being a travel consultant can mean travelling more for less. The first is when you travel you’ll be able to book your own holidays at “agent rates”.

Some of our suppliers offer our travel consultants weekend trips away for less. Other hotel groups offer point reward programmes, where you can collect points and use them towards a night’s stay. 

There are also FAM trips (as we call it). FAM trips are where you get taken away by travel companies so that you can learn how to sell their products. Free trips away and more sales for your travel business – what’s not to like?

Find out more about this here.

5) It’s never boring

No one day will be the same, every day will be different… Whether it’s helping make someone’s dream trip come true, helping a bride to plan her honeymoon, speaking to a new customer on the phone, or attending a destination specialist training, speaking to your personal travel coach, or writing a blog article about your own trips to share on social media. 

If you are someone who likes variety in their day and enjoys speaking to people then becoming a travel consultant might be worth considering. Some of our franchisees say that the biggest perk is the wonderful customers they have and the life-long friendships they’ve made with some of them. 

6) You’ll connect with like-minded people

Whether it’s chatting over a coffee with a fellow travel consultant at a conference, having a catch-up call with your personal travel coach, or speaking to your top customers who travel more than anyone else you know; you’ll be connected to like-minded people who love everything and anything ‘travel’. 

Call it a community, tribe, group, or squad, as humans we naturally seek out a place and people who bring a sense of belonging, to inspire us and build our confidence.

7) You’ll learn a lot about the world

Whether it’s travelling to the destination itself, talking about a destination with other travel consultants at a conference, or researching into a place which a customer has enquired about, you’ll have the opportunity as a travel consultant to learn more about the world, cultures, communities and environments. 

You’ll be exposed to an infinite array of knowledge, ideas, concepts, technologies, training sessions, guest speakers, the list goes on. Often described as an eye-opener to our amazing world and the people in it, especially for those who have never worked in the travel industry previously.   

You can get started by listening to The Travel Podcast.

If these reasons have got you thinking, watch the video tour to get started today. Alternatively, if you have a question just reach out to our team on live chat.

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