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90-Second Business Secrets Podcast

What can you achieve in 90 seconds? A lot actually! And to prove it, we’re launching a new 90-second podcast, designed to show you how you can make a difference in your business in just 90 seconds or less

We’re focusing on straight-talking, no fuss, business advice. Perfect for the first-time entrepreneur or in fact anyone in business. 

It’s completely free to download – so if you’re thinking of starting your very own travel business with us, if you’re already in business, or are just looking for inspiration, this could be the perfect podcast for you.

Did we say it only takes 90 seconds to listen to? What have you got to lose! 

Created by our Co-Founders, this podcast is already ranking in the Apple Podcast charts at #6. Other top 10 Entrepreneur podcasts include the likes of world-famous entrepreneurs: Tim Ferriss and Steven Bartlett.

There is a new episode every working day. Each one is designed to make you think about a better way to get the results you want or create an ‘ah ha’ moment in business.

Plus if you head over to Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts now (or your chosen podcast platform), you’ll find there are even more business secrets waiting for you to listen to.

Listen Now by clicking the image below:

Here are just some of the great business tips and ideas we share in the first few episodes which you can download now:

  • How to get more achieved in a day without working more hours
  • What are the two things a customer remembers when talking to you
  • Why it’s not such a crazy idea to have big ideas
  • Why using Facebook is like going to Starbucks for coffee
  • Why the overused word ‘pivot’ is not good for your business
  • Why selling is as simple as the 4 C’s

Download today’s episode right now by clicking here.

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