Beat our challenge like Becky and get your business for free!

Meet Becky who joined a year ago and is the latest consultant to win our Money-Back Challenge and get her Elite franchise fee – £14,995 – refunded! Any Elite franchisee who enters the Challenge is tasked with earning a set amount of commission in the first year, and Becky achieved it even though she had […]

Be like Becky – get your franchise for free!

Becky Westaway has become the latest travel consultant to win our unique Money-Back Challenge – and she did it in just seven months! The Travel Franchise is the only franchise in Britain which allows you to earn your franchise for free.  No gimmicks or crazy rules. Sell enough holidays in an agreed time, and, when […]

Now is the best time to join us – and that’s official 

Tourism is back. Once again holidays are a firm fixture on household agendas. And that’s official.  The latest figures from the UN Tourism’s World Tourism Barometer report released in May 2024, show that 2024 is witnessing a full and total recovery in international travel – even surpassing 2019 levels by 2%.  Jet2 and Tui this […]

Wow what a year! 10 highlights from 2023 and why 2024 is looking even better!

1. Record sales and commission every month! In 2023 our consultants collectively enjoyed record sales every single month throughout the entire year. Sales were simply staggering and the trend looks set to continue as we enter 2024 with strong January bookings.  That means we’ve paid more commission to our travel franchisees than ever before.  2. […]

The Money-Back Challenge: How to get your Elite franchise fee REFUNDED in FULL!

The Travel Franchise is the only franchise of its kind in Britain which returns your initial franchise fee if achieve our challenge. Simply sign up on our Elite package, plan and book enough holidays in 12 months, and your entire business start-up costs – £14,995 – are refunded.  Read our Q&A with co-founder Paul Harrison […]

Our Unique Money Back Challenge

Looking to start a travel business? Now you can get one for free Learn more Trustpilot No gimmicks or crazy rules Just sell enough holidays to achieve the challenge. Once you beat the challenge, your franchise fee is refunded to you. Your travel business could end up costing you nothing with the Money-Back Challenge. You […]

Top 10 reasons why (you think) you CAN’T become a travel agent

When it comes to making a change in our life, we often come up with excuses. So let’s take a look at what’s really stopping you I’m too nervous to make the change It’s the things in life that we DON’T do that we often regret the most. Being nervous is completely understandable. That’s why […]

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