How is technology impacting the role of travel agents?

Technology's impact on travel agents

With the steep spike in travel since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, travellers and holidaymakers are increasingly looking for seamless travel experiences. And this has definitely been made possible by the use of technology. Technology has become our trusted companion in almost every aspect of our lives and the travel and tourism industry is […]

12 ways to grow your travel agency business

Ways to Grow Your Travel Agency Business

For those of you who are driven and inspired to run a successful travel agency business, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find 12 of the most valuable ways to grow your travel agency like a pro. With industry-leading tips and tricks, you’ll soon discover some of the secrets behind how to grow […]

What did our franchisees think of their free Elite Experience in Jamaica?

After spending a week in sun-kissed Jamaica on our Elite Experience earlier this month, it’s back to their home-based offices for 30 of our agents.  However, for this recent cohort, it’s anything but ‘business as usual’.  You see, these mentorship and training retreats – which are FREE and offered to every single one of our […]

Is helping the planet a priority for you? Meet agent Annika, a Green Ambassador

We’re not denying that tourism is a big contributor to Climate Change, accounting for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. As a travel company, it’s important we acknowledge this fact.  That’s why in 2021, we set up our Climate Hero initiative – a project that earned us industry recognition when trade title Travel Weekly awarded […]

How to Attract Luxury Travel Clients: A Guide for Success in the Luxury Travel Market

The luxury travel market represents a segment of the travel industry dedicated to providing upscale, exclusive and often personalised travel experiences to discerning clients. This global market has seen growth in recent years, worth around $20 billion in 2022, and is predicted to enjoy an annual growth rate of 15% between 2023 and 2032. It’s […]

Why travel agents are in demand  

Excessive temperatures in parts of southern Europe and wildfires on the Greek resort islands of Corfu and Rhodes have highlighted the benefits of booking a package holiday through a travel agent. “During the pandemic many travel agents worked heroically to get stranded customers home, reschedule reservations and assist with refunds. Now, once again, they are […]

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