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A broken wrist didn’t stop new consultant Joanna from booking her first holiday in her first week

Flexible hours and passion for travel keeps consultant motivated to book holidays with one hand…

What happens when you launch a new business and break your wrist next?

Soldier on and book holidays for clients – even if you can’t type. Well, that’s what Joanna did when she slipped on ice mid-December and had a nasty fall, the day after she finished our induction training,

Like many of our franchisees, Joanna began selling holidays in her first week. While it’s impossible to know everything in such a short time, we provide you with a Business Development Manager who will be by your side and is great at supporting new consultants.

Even though Joanna had to take a month off for an operation to insert a plate and nine pins into her wrist, she managed to secure a £12k villa booking to Spain.

Joanna had many reasons to choose to invest in a franchise with us.

“I like the fact that I’m self employed and based at home and the business is mine. Flexibility was a big thing for me – you can work the hours you choose and tailor your day”.

Before joining, Joanna, like many of our franchisees researched the market and chose The Travel Franchise above others. We encourage people to watch our Discovery videos, then talk to consultants, our co-founder and, if possible, visit us at a Discovery event or franchise show (April 14th-15th 2023 in London) where you can meet the team in person.

“I liked the Trustpilot reviews, I phoned some NJT consultants that had been with the company for a few years, had a conversation with Paul and found I had enough information to make me feel confident.”

Although Joanna has a travel background and used to work as a travel agent years ago, 98 per cent of franchisees have never worked in travel. While it can be daunting, our experts are skilled at bringing everyone up to speed with induction training involving small groups taught in real-time online.

“I loved the induction. I was the only one with experience, and training covered all basics to start the business: everything from systems, how to search for holidays, and who to go to for specific holidays. 

“You can’t cover everything but then you’ve got your Business Development Management to support you from day one. Any question, no matter how daft, mine (Aaron, pictured below) was there to
help and support”

Aaron – BDM for all new Travel consultants

“We get notifications on feel-good stories and people have hit a million pounds in sales this year. These are people that started without any experience in travel – it just shows what can be done.”

Joanna says anyone can succeed even if new to travel. And they do… 

“One couple I started with (Candy and Nathan, pictured below) are flying and they own a doggy creche. They have a niche in that they know sandals holidays inside out. If you are passionate about customer service it’s a really good fit, everything else you can learn on the job.”

Franchisees Nathan and Candy
Read Nathan and Candy’s story here.

We encourage consultants to move through our career ladder and achieve different pin levels according to commission earned. As they progress we give them a different Business Development Manager to help them skyrocket their agency and higher commissions – the best in the industry.

“Nicky is my Business Development Manager now and she’s brilliant at giving tips and advice on the next step of the business. I feel really well supported.”

Nicki Bird (bottom-right) and part of the BDM team

“Now I’m confident with the agent booking systems, and who to go to for specific holidays. I’m now setting up a Partners in Travel (PIT) for a local charity I used to work for. I feel passionate about that. NJT’s PIT system is an opportunity for me to support the charity without working for them.

“Once the charity comes onboard as a PIT they let all their staff, volunteers and supporters know that I’m available as an independent travel agent and anyone I donate 10 per cent of my commission for any bookings as a donation.

It’s a mutual thing as it’s bringing new people to me and i’m giving something back.”

So what’s the next step for Joanna?

Joanna is currently planning trips for herself too including a cruise, a fly-and-flop beach break and city break. And she’s just enjoying the journey of learning how to grow her business. 

She recently attended one of our free Elite training workshops in the north of England where our travel experts share tips and advice on a range of topics with a small group of consultants.

“It was a great day with tips on cross selling and upselling, and including room upgrades, taxi transfers plus hints and tips on how to advertise, structure your Facebook week to target people at the right time of the day.“

So is Joanna finding her new career enjoyable?

“Yes, I particularly love planning complex trips and cruises and it’s really special being able to create someone’s dream holiday. I just love being back in the world of travel.”

If you too are looking for a new career that you’d enjoy more – click to get access to our tour and learn everything about the opportunity.

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