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AGENT DIARY: Weeks 8 to 13 for new travel consultant Alison 

Three months in and Alison’s smashed £120,000 in sales! 

Now 13 weeks into her brand new business, here’s the next instalment of Alison’s diary. If you read the first chapter, you’ll recall that Alison had never worked in travel before. In the first 8 weeks she’d sold £50k worth of holidays – well she’s more than doubled that now! 

Just three months in, this mum of three is well and truly in the swing of things, juggling motherhood and her now thriving travel consultancy based from her home in the Shetland Isles. Here she recounts the challenges and successes faced in the past few weeks…

Weeks 8 – 11 

The school holidays. This really has been a change for us as a family with me working – but we have managed! I can dip in and out of work mode to fit around our day. I have a constant stream of enquires to be working with at the moment.

I have made many go-to contacts within various suppliers – I have spoken to so many lovely people and they have helped me greatly with many of my bookings.

I am far more confident with getting the sales up on the systems – but NJT Support still get phone calls from me regularly!

I have had quite a few enquiries via my website, but the majority of people contacting me say they have seen my social media or have been told by someone about my business.  People do enjoy the social media posts I put up – literally everyone I meet now has something to say about a holiday they have seen me advertise.

Some of my customers have passed on good things to other people encouraging them to get in touch with me.

A lot of people really do just find holiday planning a hassle and want someone else to do it; others are really pleased to have someone they can actually talk to.

In the past few weeks I have taken bookings for various Greek islands, a honeymoon, a cruise departing New York, a river cruise to time in with the tulip blooms in Amsterdam, long weekends to London and a trip to Lake Como in Italy.

Turns out I also have a new ‘hobby’ of cruise ship spotting – I didn’t always pay too much attention to the cruises visiting Shetland – now I am there taking photos and googling all about the ships!

Week 12

I have attended my first ‘event’ – a local district show attended by many! I booked myself a table and set up with an NJT banner and a whole lot of holiday brochures. I spent the entire day talking and listening to holiday stories.

It was an excellent opportunity to get the word out about what I can offer people.

I even spoke to someone who said whilst they were on their holiday they met a customer of mine!

My aim was to get 1,000 followers on Facebook by the end of August – not quite there – hopefully by the end of September.

I have been offered tables at two Christmas fairs later in the year – so I’m hoping that will drum up interest for the busy period in the New Year.

Week 13

13 weeks to the day since I completed my training, and just nine weeks since securing my first booking.

I literally cannot believe it. Never did I dream I would be making such progress. I have sold over £120,000 in holidays and travel in just 13 weeks.

Today was poignant for another reason – I got my first commission payment!

I am now at the point where quite a few clients will be heading away on their holidays. So that brings with it a whole new set of tasks what with doing pre-travel phone calls, post holiday contact etc. 

I finally feel I have settled into my new job and I can make a work schedule that fits in for me and my family.

The NJT Support has been fantastic and I cannot thank Gary, my Business Development Manager, enough. He has been such a support and so responsive when I need clarity on something.

I have put a lot of effort into this first few months of my new venture but I can see now that it is all worth it and things are definitely going in the right direction.

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