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Be trained by one of the cruise industry’s best sellers: Gemma!

Ask any agent what is one of travel’s most lucrative products to sell and they will no doubt say cruise.

Ask any cruise agent who is one of the best seller of cruise holidays in the industry and they will no doubt reply: Gemma Poppy Outram.

And the good news is you can be trained by her as she’s now our Cruise Business Development Manager and coaches everyone on our 12-month Cruise Mastery Programme. 

Gemma has years of travel experience and used to sell £3-£5 million in cruise holidays each year while working for Bolsover Cruise. 

She was the top seller of P&O Cruises in the industry and won multiple awards, including the accolade for being theIndividual Cruise Agent of the Year 2018 by the industry magazine Travel Trade Gazette.

Having “hit her limit” Gemma was looking for the next challenge when our co-founders Paul Harrison and Steve Witt offered her a job at Not Just Travel.

“Now, our travel consultants can learn from the top-seller in the industry – it’s gold dust.”

Gemma doesn’t just coach consultants on how to sell more cruise packages, she also continues to sell cruises in her spare time and is our top seller of cruise – despite being a single mum with two kids and four dogs.

“Gemma is a genuine example of what our consultants can achieve; she has to balance kids, dogs, a full-time job as well as a travel business. Yet she has achieved incredible success. She has mastered her craft and there isn’t a single thing she doesn’t know about a particular cruise ship. 

“We hope that Gemma’s an inspiration to franchisees who want to become cruise experts and may also be juggling work around a busy home and work life.”

Since joining Not Just Travel, Gemma is on course to sell over £1m of cruises in her first year and just for context, that’s hundreds of cruises – a pretty good income for a sideline. 

Gemma says her success is due to her passion for cruise and the industry. 

“It’s simple – know what you’re talking about. Match the right customer with the right product and they will have the best time and then rebook with you repeatedly.”

Like many of our franchisees, Gemma’s now got so many clients that she’s bringing other family members in to help. Her 18-year-old daughter Chloe has now joined the business and also plans to work on cruise ships in the future.

If you want to become a cruise expert like Gemma and Chloe and earn money doing something you love, watch our Discovery video to find out more. 

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