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Becoming a mum, getting redundancy, and starting a travel business all in the same year

Last year both Gemma and her husband were made redundant within a month of each other, and that was just after having their first baby. Since joining to start an instant travel business Gemma has seen huge growth and interest in her at-home travel business.

With news that she’s just made it into the platinum group, which is based on total commissions earned, Gemma reflects on her journey so far.

“I didn’t know how it would all plan out when I joined. We were in the middle of the pandemic and the ‘timing’ wasn’t perfect. In fact, I recall my family encouraging me to start a beauty business, not a travel business.

But I was adamant I was going to follow my heart and true passion. I’m so glad I did!” 

Gemma, Not Just Travel consultant

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Gemma and her husband on holiday

Congratulations on reaching the platinum level in the franchise, how does it feel? 

“It’s fantastic! I haven’t been running the business on a full-time basis so it’s pretty cool to see what I’ve achieved.

I organise the business around my other committments at the moment, between another job, being a mum etc. An hour in my lunch break, a few hours in the evenings.

Whatever time I can find I invest into my business. Into my future”

Family time is always the best time

What did you do before becoming a travel agent? 

“I was an area manager for Estee Lauder before joining. When Covid hit I was made redundant.

I’d been looking to start a travel business for a while beforehand, for 5 years I had been thinking about it, but never had the guts to take the next step.

After joining my plan was to build it up slowly during the pandemic. But in reality, it’s gone much better than I first thought and the business grew quickly.

I get so many recommendations from people letting their friends know and their friends and their friends, and it just snowballs.

I recently had someone in a card shop on the high street say they had been recommended to me which was random, but it really shows you how word of mouth can spread.”

What inspired your love and passion for travel? 

“My parents have lived/worked all over the world which has been a catalyst for my own travels.

My dad is currently doing some incredible work in Uganda, working to protect pangolins, the most hunted animal in the world.

Safaris are a particular passion of mine and I’ve been lucky enough to experience them.

I hope to help more people to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my travel business.”

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