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Behind the booking: How Illesh secured a £65k+ group trip to Turkey using WhatsApp

Since the travel rules were relaxed at the start of the year, we’ve seen an unprecedented level of holiday sales. 

Bookings are massively up – both in terms of volume and the amount spent per trip.

But some holidays really show you what’s possible to achieve with your own travel business. 

That includes the recent £65,000+ group booking by our franchisee Illesh.

At an average 10% commission, this would make over £6,500 from one booking alone. 

You might initially be thinking you can’t do the same thing

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Illesh was in the same position as 99% of our franchisees when he joined; he had zero travel experience, but plenty of hunger to serve customers with a great offering.

Over time he’s built up his network, referrals and recommendations to ensure he’s the go-to person for travel.

So, while a £65,000+ group holiday is certainly large, there’s really no secret to securing this kind of booking.

You just need 3 things:

1/ A great product to sell

In this case, the group wanted an all-inclusive holiday in Izmir, Turkey. With access to hundreds of suppliers, including household brands, Illesh was able to offer the group a fantastic Jet2 holiday package at a price that worked for them.

2/ Offer a brilliant service

This booking was initially for 38 customers, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. 

Thanks to Illesh’s tireless efforts to keep the group updated on travel changes – as well as regularly checking in to the group’s holiday chat on WhatsApp – he was able to ensure he got the rearranged booking completed. And, with a silver lining to the delay, the group grew-and-grew to 116 total passengers.

That’s ⅓ of a plane full of people from Illesh alone!

He’s also going above and beyond, meeting the group at the airport to ensure everything goes swimmingly with their departure. 

3/ Have the right mindset

It’s testament to Illesh’s resilience & determination that he’s pulled a booking of this size back from the brink. With a background in business, he also knows that you need to think, plan and execute long-term.

But don’t worry if you’ve never run a business before. We’ll be there to guide you through every step, with mentorship geared to your level of experience. 

You can catch up with a previous interview with Illesh below, when he caught up with co-founder Paul.

This booking is a perfect example of what you’d be doing as a Personal Travel Consultant

Being a great Personal Travel Consultant means finding the right customers, giving them the right options and quotes and then providing them with the confidence & service they require.

When you start your travel franchise, we’ll provide ongoing training about how to find  the right customers, including:

  • How to have a natural conversation with everyone you meet about their holidays 
  • Showing you who the right kind of customer is and how to attract them
  • Helping you understand which customers to offer a quote to – and how show the value of your service from the start
  • What you need to do to provide them with exactly the holiday they want at a fantastic price
  • The right way to ensure you get repeat business and referrals.

If you’d like to know more about opening your own travel business, simply watch our online presentation now.

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