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Being a parent and managing a successful business: All possible with The Travel Franchise

Being a business owner is an incredibly stressful venture. Many people who consider starting their own business may be held back by other commitments they have, or feel that their lifestyle cannot work around such a large commitment of their time.

One of the reasons The Travel Franchise is so attractive to new franchisees is the ease at which you can start your own Travel Business with our support. We provide a fully bookable website, personal marketing website, email marketing system, branding materials and guidelines, Head Office processing support, Personal Travel Coach, and much more to enable each franchisee to establish their business quickly and efficiently to allow them the lifestyle they desire.

With all these things taken care of, it has never been easier to start your own business with us. Even with other commitments, more and more franchisees are able to establish themselves as business owners whilst balancing the demands of children, other dependants or any other obligations have on their time.

Recently, we caught up with a few consultants to see how they manage operating their business and home life:

Lesley – Travel Consultant Elite.

Lesley has been in the business since February this year, and has already made some fantastic achievements with her business partner Nicole. She has 2 children aged 8 (Ethan) and 6 (Seren).

“As a mum to two small children (with little childcare support) I was looking for a business that would fit in around school times, holiday  etc and I have found this with The Travel Franchise. It gives me the flexibility to do the school drop off and pick up and I don’t have to worry about school holidays, illnesses and inset days, which with any other employment would cause problems. I can do the bulk of my work during 9-3 then can make calls/emails once they are settled in the evening, meaning I can be there for my children when they need me but still be building a business. One of the best things about the business is the flexibility and although it’s always a struggle in summer holidays, I recently did a booking in a tent whilst camping and a few days later one at a beach!  It’s a business that you can take with you wherever you go”

Lesley has also looked into the holidays available to her family as a part of the industry – “I haven’t booked any holidays as of yet [with the family], but have more ideas than ever about where I’d like to go!”

Nicole – Travel Consultant Elite

Nicole has 1 son, Jenson who is 5 years old.

“Having worked in a Corporate Management role that wasn’t flexible with childcare etc, I was looking for something that would give me flexibility whilst still building a career.  I took some time out and became a childminder, which whilst it gave me the flexibility I needed, didn’t give the job satisfaction I was looking for.  So when the opportunity to work for The Travel Franchise came up I jumped at it. I am able to work the business around childcare and it lets me drop off/pick up Jenson from school, and allows me to spend time with him in the school holidays etc, whilst allowing me to build a profitable business that I enjoy.

I have been able to spend the summer holidays doing work where I can (trampoline parks have been a firm favourite with WIFI!) whilst Jenson plays, which means I haven’t had the additional cost of summer clubs etc. It’s not always easy but I feel it is far preferable to any other options and the fact that I am really building on something that he will benefit from makes it much easier.

I haven’t got any personal family holidays booked yet as we want to concentrate on the business fully in its first year, however I’m already looking for next year.”

Palvi – Travel Consultant Elite

Palvi joined back in August 2016. Her children, Leia (14) and Sanaya (12) are hugely supportive of her business as it gives her a lot more freedom.

“This job gives me flexibility. I can attend assemblies, I no longer need time off during school holidays and I am at home when they come home from school. I used to have to put my holidays in really early at work and manage kids clubs during school holidays. I don’t have to do this anymore!

Being self employed when my daughter was ill meant I was able to pick her up from school and keep her at home with me. No need to get time of work or ask favours from anyone. This means I’m independent and the kids always have Mum; nobody is better than their own Mum!

In the past, as a family we’d have to juggle school holidays between mine and my partners and organise days off to share the school holidays. Now we have more time to spend as a family on holidays. As I’m working from home, all my partner has to do is get his annual leave authorised and we can spend time as a family. In the last three years, we’ve noticed my partner doesn’t have to plan his holiday so far in advance, now we can grab a deal and go… unlike before we’d have to plan so far in advance and juggle days off. Now we just love the freedom!”

Palvi’s family also supports her in the business – “My children and partner are a big part of my business. They help and support me. The kids are my models for photos, they talk to their friends about holidays and how their Mum is a travel agent!”

Palvi created her own brand, Travel Pals to operate under the Not Just Travel brand

Marianne – Travel Consultant Elite

Marianne has 3 older children; Lucy (21), Abbie (18) and Jayden (16)

“Joining The Travel Franchise has given me the chance to be at home to support my children more. The flexibility enabled me to help Lucy move to University when she started instead of relying on grandparents and friends, plus being able to go and visit her more often. I am also able to be there for the school run.  We have booked the last two holidays with Not Just Travel since starting as Consultants and this year was our family trip to Disney. We have never been before and it has always been something we wanted to do as a family. The savings were a massive bonus to help us get there, we all had an amazing time and can’t wait to go back!”

The Travel Franchise is dedicated to nurturing the growth of not only each franchisees businesses. This is why we have welcomed so many new Travel Consultants to our travel family in 2019 already!

Once you have been through our Education Centre, book a call with Paul today to secure your place on the next available training week.

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