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Best Ever On Record: October Holiday Bookings Skyrocket

100’s of travel consultants across the country, who joined us to start their travel business, are experiencing the biggest October on record. This month has been huge and the volume of enquiries rolling in demonstrates the earning potential out there if you’re considering you’re next steps.

With holiday bookings skyrocketing, we’ve never seen an October quite like it.

Why are holiday bookings soaring for our franchisees?

  • The Christmas markets & getaways are huge business for travel agents
  • Google is reporting record numbers of people searching for travel agents
  • Travel has simplified and consumer confidence is at an all time high
  • People have been desperate for a long time to get away and enjoy a break
  • More consumers than ever are turning to travel agents for protection and peace of mind
  • Our franchisees offer a personalised service, they also have differentiators including:
    • Special Offers that customers cannot find online.
    • The climate hero initiative makes their business stands out from the crowd.

What are the top destinations being booked right now?

This week our head of sales reported the top 5 destinations booked are…

  1. Spain
  2. UK
  3. U.S
  4. Turkey
  5. Cyprus

October has officially gone off the scale and has been crowned the biggest and best holiday bookings ever. There is no bigger sign to suggest that the timing couldn’t be better to get trained and certified with our Trustpilot-rated online training.

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