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Brand new virtual training launched

Last week our first group of franchisees made their way through our virtual training. With a laptop and an internet connection, they became qualified personal travel consultants all from the safety of their own homes. 

Our head of training, who runs the virtual training week said… 

New franchisees normally need to come to our head office for training, but with the coronavirus we had to look at things differently. I’ve been training for nearly 3 years, so it was really interesting to see the benefits virtual training brought to the table.  

Apart from the obvious convenience of not being away from home, I could see that people still had time to digest the content. They could also be focused, with their head down and headphones on. One lady had a 2-year old, so it was great for her to still be around for her child whilst pursuing her dream of running a travel business.

Even though virtual training is working well and technology continues to transcend boundaries, it doesn’t replace getting the chance to meet the team and cement new friendships. But for now, virtual training enables people to become qualified, giving them the time to practice the systems before demand sets in when the travel industry returns with a boom’. 

Nick was just one of the group who enrolled for the virtual training.  

‘Our trainer was super friendly and patient talking us through the various systems, policies and procedures that meant it was a very informative, yet enjoyable week all round as we start on our new journeys.’ 

Nick – Personal Travel Consultant

What you’ll learn in virtual training

Here’s an insight into just some of the agenda for the virtual training week. 

Day 1 – The Business & Systems

  • Introduction to Not Just Travel
  • How to use ‘The Hub’, our bespoke platform for daily updates, advice & resources
  • Learn our CRM & specialist business management tools, where you’ll keep on top of all your customers and prospects

Day 2 – Travel Consultant Software & Skills

  • An introduction into the specialist travel agent software you’ll be using
  • Learn how to find and book any type of holiday
  • Plenty of theory & practice!

Day 3 – Travel Suppliers & Options

  • Introduction to key travel suppliers
  • Learn who supplies different kinds of holiday
  • Where to go and who to speak to

Day 4 – Finding Customers & Getting Going

  • Learn your new travel website 
  • Learn how to find your first customers 
  • Practice doing test bookings
  • Take a quiz to test your knowledge

Day 5 – Ready To Launch!

  • Learn the best way to sell travel
  • Get ready to execute your new business plan
  • Travel perks – what to expect and how to make the most of them
  • Meet your Personal Travel Coach

What are the upcoming virtual training dates?

  • 11th May- 15th May 
  • 8th June – 12th June 

If you’re interested in securing your place today, click here.

What happens once training is over? 

Once your training week is over we don’t just leave you to it. Our training and mentorship programmes run continuously.

Our training team will continue to stay in touch for the coming weeks, jumping on a video call every Tuesday to be able to hand-hold you through, answer your questions and give you direction. 

You’ll also have your Personal Travel Coach who’ll be there every step of the way. 

You can see everything you get in our brand new & improved training and development program by clicking here.

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