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Building your business with the support of The Travel Franchise

One of the main goals that franchisees have when joining us is to build their business to a point where they require additional assistance in processing the high volume of bookings that they have secured. Whilst many franchises are purchased as part of a partnership between business partners, spouses etc, even these partnerships eventually reach a point where they must take on an extra pair of hands. Our employee training programme is designed to accomodate the growth and progression of each franchisee’s business by giving them the opportunity to invite new staff members to work with them. This provides confidence that they will be fully trained with our systems from the get go, and is another initiative designed to support business owners in operational management. This week we welcomed 11 new employees to various franchisee’s businesses. We are very proud to have invited them to our community and are confident they will provide the assistance and knowledge required to each business they are supporting. Would you like to own a business that trains it’s employees for you? Then The Travel Franchise is right for you.  
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