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You'll get coaching & training to grow your business

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You'll get ongoing, optional coaching and training

Aside from the pleasure that comes from doing something you’re passionate about, you’ll still be running a new business that needs to grow and get customers.

Your travel business is effectively a vehicle you can use to make money. But a vehicle is no good unless you know how to drive it.

That’s why we’re by your side whenever you need us, with more ongoing coaching and training than anyone else in the industry.

Here’s what you can expect.

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You'll be given a mentor to help when needed

Your partnership manager is there to help you every day. They aren’t your boss and they won’t be setting you targets. Instead, think of them as a highly experienced colleague who’s there to answer any of your questions whenever you have them.

Expert marketing training from in-house specialists

When you first start your business, we’ll teach you what you need to do to find customers. It’s our firm belief that you don’t need to spend lots of money advertising your business initially.

It’s still important to know all the free ways you can market your company though.

That’s why we employ marketing experts, whose knowledge and experience you get to tap into.

We run regular webinars, workshops and seminars on digital marketing, social media, events and much more.

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Hundreds of online courses and bite-size lessons

You can dip into training whenever you like. There’s a huge library of courses and bite-size lessons available to you on-demand.

Think of it like Netflix – but for the growth of your new business.

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Access to guest business coaching experts

Alongside group workshops and online live coaching & courses, you also have the ability to tap into our group of guest expert coaches for 1:1 sessions. These include specialists such as NLP Master Practioner Paul Farquhar and business coach Becki Houlston who’s a regular on TV & in the press. These sessions come at a special rate to you as a member of the NJT family.

Co-founders Paul Harrison & Steve Witt also teach dedicated business growth programs at our Mentorship Retreats and in regular sessions.

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Exclusive luxury Mentorship Retreats

All our franchise packages come with their own mentorship programs as part of the initial package fee. Depending on the package you choose, you could find yourself on our virtual Millionaire’s Retreat, or jetting away with us for an Elite Experience or Entrepreneur Mastermind trip.



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