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Can you attend training on 5th September?

Normally when you join us you have to wait six or eight weeks to attend one of our training weeks.
However, as July and August are two of the slowest months for recruitment, due to people being on holiday, we have some spaces available for our upcoming training on 5th September.

We realise it is short notice so have our BIGGEST ever promotion for those who are ready to commit and attend that week of training.

We cannot put it in print, and its tailored to the package you join with and how you pay, which means I will need to speak with you to share what it is – so please do not email asking, as I will not be able to reply.

Next week the schools go back, late night straw in and recruitment goes through the roof again, so this is a chance for those who are maybe on the fence or know they are going to join but have been putting off making the commitment.

Call me now on 0151 7243534 to secure your spot.

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