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Catch up with everything that’s happened in a record-breaking January

2022 has started with an absolute bang – and shows no sign of slowing down

With travel rules relaxing, our consultants have had an enormously successful start to the year. It’s all thanks to their hard work and commitment during the pandemic, backed up by the tireless efforts of the head office team behind them.

Here’s everything you’d have been part of this January, with your own travel business.

Our New Year, New Start event kicked off the year in style

We started the year with a huge event for our consultants and trade partners in Birmingham. 

Over 2 days there were 6 big announcements and 9 separate sessions (and of course one fantastic party!) attended by 38 trade partners and 200+ delegates… 

Find out more about what we announced by clicking here (or watch the catch-up below).

Watch the Facebook live replay:

Our trade partners were blown away by the Not Just Travel energy & enthusiasm

We’ve been investing for the travel rebound

Throughout the pandemic, our consultants have gone above and beyond to make sure their customers have been looked after. 

We’ve continued to invest in our tools, technology and, most importantly, people at the same time. That support was vital for consultants as they took care of customers.

We also knew that we needed to be prepared for explosive growth when 65 million Brits, denied holidays for most of the past two years, were allowed to travel again.

That’s why, in January, we welcomed our new Chief Revenue Officer Marcus Jones, as holiday bookings went through the roof.

Marcus is here to help you make even more profit from your franchise. You can learn more about why he’s ideally placed to do that, by clicking here.

The floodgates have well and truly opened for holiday bookings

Record after record has been smashed by our travel consultants in January, for both holiday sales and the amounts being spent.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

Co-founder Steve Witt explained:

The dam has finally burst for the travel industry as bookings are flooding in. Since the pandemic started, all our efforts and training have been for this moment. 

Our amazing travel consultants have been continuously busy since the pandemic began – keeping in touch with clients and maintaining those precious relationships.

They are working day and night and deserve every single booking!

The industry is rebounding, fast

Across the industry, new stories are breaking every day about increased passenger volumes, the intent to take holidays by UK residents and huge investments being made by holiday suppliers.

  • Independent research by Tripadvisor shows more travel is planned for 2022 than in 2019 
  • Tui have just announced a €500m fund to finance new hotels
  • And easyJet are recruiting 1,000 new pilots to cope with projected demand

There’s never been a better time to start a travel agency business

A travel business is a long-term investment, that can also create you great short-term results. 

We’ll help you start fast and then show you how to grow your own travel agency, predictably. Repeat bookings and word-of-mouth will always be key for consistent growth over time. 

But things have changed in the travel industry.

The recent tough times have made both customers and holiday suppliers act differently. And it’s all to the advantage of travel agents.

  • People want more reassurance after being burnt by bad experiences with faceless online travel sites. They’re sick of getting zero help when things have gone wrong.
  • In fact, new research by Flight Centre says travel agents are now ‘king’ with 54% of people now wanting to use them again, instead of booking independently.
  • Customers are now able to book holidays through to 2024 already. In the past you could only book less than a year ahead. This is great for future forecasting and having “money in the bank” as a travel business owner.

Plus, the people who’ve been operating under a “wait and see” policy before booking, are now desperately trying to secure holidays for the spring and summer season. 

Ami started her business in January this year and did over £75k in bookings in her first 12 days, with many holidays booked to happen early in 2022.

If you’re ready to make the most of the travel rebound, don’t wait to get in touch.

You could be running your business by April. Book a call with us today to learn more.

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