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Support from the very top Before you even sign on the bottom line and take up your franchise with us, chances are you’ll get to chat with Paul, one of our co-founders.  As will soon become apparent, Paul, and fellow co-founder Steve, are passionate about their business. However, this dynamic duo recognises that their success […]

News alert! January was the best month ever for holiday sales in our 22-year history!

Our consultants and Key Trade Partners are celebrating January 2024 as the biggest ever month for sales in the company’s 22-year history! Our revenue and holiday bookings last month increased over 41% and 32% respectively compared to January 2023 (and even that was historically an incredible month!) So what does that mean for our consultants […]

What does a travel agent do?

what does a travel agent do?

If you have a passion for travel, you might want to consider becoming a travel agent. To make your decision, you’ll need to understand what a travel agent does, what types of travel agents there are and ultimately, how to become one. We will cover all this in this article, so keep reading to discover […]

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