How I switched careers after 35 years to care for my 3-year-old son when my wife died

When Chris’s wife, Jo, tragically died of cancer in 2016 aged just 38, his life changed irrevocably.  Suddenly he was a single father to Alfie, their three-year-old son.  Supporting Alfie, emotionally and financially, became his first priority.  Continuing to work in central London, commuting from his hometown of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, was no longer […]

Read this before you invest in a franchise: Your guide to due diligence

Franchising enables you to start from scratch, follow a proven business model and scale up fast. But we understand investing in a franchise is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because you are more likely to succeed if you enter your business prepared, here’s five questions you need to know the answer to […]

How to sell yourself as a travel agent

How to sell yourself as a travel agent

If you’re thinking about becoming a travel agent or already working in the industry but looking to take your career to the next level, you’ll need to know how to market yourself effectively. After all, as a travel agent, your job is to sell dream vacations to people — so you need to be able […]

How will I be able to get customers as a new travel agent?

The headline of this article is “How will I be able to get customers as a new travel agent?” It’s one of the most important & frequent questions we get asked by people considering opening their own travel agency from home. And rightly so. You should know that, while we love celebrating success stories from […]

How To Start A Travel Business In 12 Steps

how to start a travel business title image

It takes a lot of guts and inner strength to start a business. But it seems since the pandemic there are more people than ever before taking this leap of faith. BBC News reported a record year for business start-ups in 2020… The first thing to understand is that there are many types of travel […]

Making a career change at 30,40,50 and beyond

It’s never been easier to make a change than it is today. We’ve never had better, cheaper, and easier access to technology. With a variety of business model choices out there to fit any budget, lifestyle, or experience. All the knowledge you’ll need is online, right at our fingertips. Meet David who changed his career path at […]

How to gain instant rapport with people

At The Travel Franchise & Not Just Travel, we’re with you every step of the way as you build your new travel business. As part of your franchise, you get online access to hundreds of pieces of education. You’ll get everything from live webinars to full courses, as well as quick videos that can have […]

How to reduce stress and anxiety with Becki Houlston

You may have seen her on Sky TV or read her writing in The Telegraph and Sunday Times; but today Steve caught up with entrepreneur and ‘stress coach’ Becki Houlston over on The Business Nation on Facebook. We’ve known Becki for many years. When you join The Travel Franchise, Becki is one of the team […]

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