What do ‘Peaks’ in travel mean?

‘Peaks’ season is a key time in the travel calendar (Jan-March) It’s the time when priorities shift from Christmas shopping to planning for the summer holidays. January, February, March have long been a ‘peak time’ in the travel calendar. ‘Franchisees typically sell four times more holidays in the early months compared to the rest of […]

Do I need travel experience?

You don’t need any travel experience to be a successful franchisee. Over 99% of people who have joined us so far have never worked in travel before.  We are one of the few travel franchises in existence that has training and support in place for this very thing. If you have a passion for travel […]

Why would people book with me and not online?

There are loads of reasons why people are choosing travel agents over booking online. Now more than ever. Check out our article 12 reasons why people book with Personal Travel Consultants here. Why would someone book their holiday with you? You’ll save them time… they don’t have to spend hours and hours searching online comparing […]

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