Travel 2 Homeworking Agents of the Year 2016home/news/Travel 2 Homeworking Agents of the Year 2016

Not Just Travel win T2 ‘Homeworking Travel Agency of the Year’ for the second year running!

Overlooking the Irish Sea in the South West countryside of Ayrshire, hundreds of travel companies attended this year’s annual Travel2 awards at the resort of Trump Turnberry in Scotland awaiting some of this year’s most anticipated awards within the travel industry.

Charlotte O’Brien, head of training and development at Not Just Travel, alongside David Walker and Scott Murray, two of the company’s leading franchise owners, eagerly awaited the award ceremony to discover who would come home with some of the travel industry’s most prestigious awards for UK travel agents.

And at this year’s annual T2 Awards with no surprise, The Travel Franchise was recognised once again for our achievements during 2016 bringing home the title of ‘Homeworking Travel Agency of the Year’

“I couldn’t be more proud to come away with this in-demand award for a second time,” says Steve Witt, Managing Director at Not Just Travel. “Winning in 2015 told us that we were doing something right – that the hard work of our Travel Consultants and our hands-on support was delivering real results in terms of sales, customer service, and overall performance. To win again demonstrates the most important thing of all – that our exceptional performance is consistent year after year.”

2016 has been an incredible year for The Travel Franchise with franchise ownership rapidly expanding hitting all time record highs with sales to match.

At this year’s Not Just Travel annual conference ‘Achieving Excellence’ was highlighted which is exactly what our Travel Franchise continues to achieve.

Winning the award of ‘Homeworking Agency of the Year’ is the perfect recognition to round of the year and undoubtedly solidifies the dent we continue to make in the travel market place. Travel franchisees have grown, sales have grown and head office staff continue to grow along with the rapid growth of the company.

It wasn’t just Not Just Travel corporate team that came home with awards either, our franchise owner David Walker also came home with the huge achievement of the ‘Winner of winner’s’ award.

2016 has been an incredible year for The Travel Franchise with the corporate team and travel consultants receiving awards for their businesses. We can only imagine what 2017 has in store!

The Travel Franchisees company ethos is outstanding and so are the marks we make on the travel industry, so here’s to even bigger things for 2017.


5 Simple Ways to Find Customers in Your New Travel Businesshome/news/5 Simple Ways to Find Customers in Your New Travel Business

5 Simple Ways to Find Customers in Your New Travel Business

One of the biggest questions we get asked at The Travel Franchise is, how will I find customers? It’s a natural fear for everyone who joins. So, to help you see just how simple it can be, we have compiled our top 5 ways of finding customers (although when you join we give you over 100 different ideas).

  1. Friends and Family
  2. Business Networking
  3. Social Media e.g. Facebook
  4. Wedding Shows
  5. Partners in Travel

Each one of these 5 activities has the potential to generate all of the customers you need to be successful in this business. They are also the activities used by our top income earners within The Travel Franchise.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how you would use one of these five simple marketing ideas to make money, that’s what we teach you during your training with us.

Here are the top five ways to find customer in a little more detail:

Friends and Family

Think right now about how many of your friends, family or people you know go on holiday. That’s the best place to start your business. You already know enough people to keep you busy. It doesn’t matter if they live locally or far away, there are no territories in The Travel Franchise.

Business Networking

If you don’t know many people, business networking is a great way to build your contacts and find fantastic and loyal customers. Organisations such as BNI or 4Networking will be running events near you or your local chamber of trade. We teach lots of options and how to make this work when you attend training.

Social Media

Facebook is now a massive part of our lives, as is LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. During training, we cover a range of techniques to help you create a ‘social media strategy‘ to grow your business. This looks at the basics of how to get customers using Facebook, through to how to use social media to compliment other marketing activities.

Wedding Shows

With the average price of a UK wedding now over £32,000 it’s no wonder that one in six couples now gets married overseas. You can help couples and wedding parties plan their dream overseas weddings or arrange their perfect honeymoon. You can also offer our free honeymoon gift list service which is very popular. We teach you how to use Wedding Shows to generate a very profitable customer base.

Partners in Travel

Unique to The Travel Franchise, our Partners in Travel programme allows you to leverage the power of other peoples contacts or customer base to grow your business. It makes your business easier because you don’t have to go looking for customers, they come to you. We teach you how to find new Travel Partners. We manage the programme so all you have to do is help find the perfect holidays for the customers.

A Partnership for Success

At The Travel Franchise, we try to make it as simple as possible to start and grow your business. We teach you everything you need to know to be successful and run regular training sessions to help support and develop your business. As a partnership, we are only successful if we work together.



September Full – 2 Spaces Octoberhome/news/September Full - 2 Spaces October

We are about to enter one of the busiest times of the year for people just like you looking to invest in a franchise.  However if you are thinking about a Travel Franchise you might like to know that our September training is now FULL and we have just 2 spaces left on our scheduled October training.

[Click Here To Confirm Your Place]

If you are interested in joining us please let me know asap so that I can reserve your place.

During Training You Will:

  • Meet the team behind what we think is the fastest growing travel franchise in the UK today
  • Learn the secrets of becoming a successful Travel Consultant
  • Find out the best ways to attract customers
  • Leave ready to build a successful travel business

Remember this is a residential course at our head offices. We include all accommodation, laptop computer and everything you need to build a success business.

Simply reply to this email and let me know you are ready to join us, or call me direct on 07901 795725.

[Click Here To Confirm Your Place]


Paul Harrison
Franchise Director – The Travel Franchise


What do the press say about The Travel Franchisehome/news/What do the press say about The Travel Franchise

“Not Just Travel franchisees achieving record sales and profitability”

The headline from this week’s Travel Trade Gazette (TTG)

At this years Not Just Travel & The Travel Franchise annual conference, we were pleased to be joined by Pippa Jacks, editor of TTG, one the leading travel trade publications.

Obviously, we can’t control what the press write about us, which is why we were super pleased to be featured heavily in the most recent edition of the TTG magazine and on the TTG website.

Unlike some travel events, Pippa had unlimited access to our corporate team, our franchisee’s and an open invite to watch all of our conference. TTG magazine gives a review of some of our most recent announcements including:

  • Our brand new personal marketing websites
  • Our all-new LIVE booking web tools
  • Our new charity challenge – where we are raising £10,000’s for charity
  • New Travel Concierge service

TTG also had the opportunity to meet with The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel Brand Ambassador, double Olympic Champion, Daley Thompson.

Success, support and continued development are highlighted through the TTG articles.  Above all, it shows that our fantastic growth has not limited our ability to increase the profits of our franchisees.


Homeworking Travel Agency of The Year 2017home/news/Homeworking Travel Agency of The Year 2017

Travel Homeworking Agency of The Year (again)

And the winner is….

We are proud to announce that for the third year in a row, we have been named ‘Homeworking Agency of The Year‘ at the prestigious Travel2 awards in Scotland.

[We were also nominated for 6 other awards as well as winning one other prestigious award. See below.]

To even be nominated would be an honour, but to win it, not just once, but three times, beating competition from all other leading household names, we are incredibly proud.

Ed Ramsey from our head office business development team and Sarah Laverty, one of our existing Travel Consultants were on hand to collect the coveted award.

What does ‘Homeworking Agency of The Year’ mean?

Quite simply it means we are a business which can be trusted by our customers. It means we have created the very best team of Travel Consultants and it means we have created a recipe for success.

Having been accredited with the title of ‘Homeworking Agency of The Year’ for the last three years, it certainly gives credibility to our business and that of our Travel Consultants, ultimately making it easier to sell holidays.

What does ‘Homeworking’ mean?

Within the travel industry, if you are not selling via a retail store or a website, you are typically called a homeworker.

At this prestigious awards ceremony, we also nominated for multiple awards including:

  • Homeworker of the Year
  • Cruise Agency of The Year
  • Pure Luxury Agency of The Year
  • Caribbean Agency of The Year
  • Middle East Agency of The Year
  • T2 Online Agency of The Year

We Also Won…

Quicksilver Agency of The Year for 2017. Voted for by one of the key suppliers at this event, this award means a lot to our business because it comes from our peers and isn’t a simply popularity contest.


Finding out more about the FREE Travel Franchisehome/news/Finding out more about the FREE Travel Franchise

2 people got their franchise fee back from The Travel Franchise this week.

That means their franchise was free. How?

More and more people are achieving our Money Back Challenge. That means every penny they invested in buying their franchise is given back to them within 1 year.  It also means that during that year they also earnt a significant income.

Read about our latest two challenge winners this week:

Sarah Watts
Lorraine Robinson

They got their franchise for free. Could you?

Watch the quick video on this page to find out what you need to do next to find out more.

Watch this video or Call me NOW on 0800 084 8128


What’s happened in the last 18 Days at The Travel Franchisehome/news/What's happened in the last 18 Days at The Travel Franchise

The last 18 days at The Travel Franchise have been record-breaking. If you are interested in starting your very own travel business you need to see this.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail









Watch Paul Harrison and Steve Witt, Co-Founders of The Travel Franchise as they tell you about the excitement of the last 18 days and what it means for you.


Quick Guide to a Successful Travel Franchisehome/news/Quick Guide to a Successful Travel Franchise

Quick Start Guide to Success Owning a Travel Business

Getting Started

We get asked a lot, when is the best time to get started in a new business? The answer we always give is “NOW“.

Every day that goes by is a day when you could have found another customer. It’s also another day stuck in a job you don’t like, a day when you’ve used more of your savings or a day when you could have been changing your future.

The travel industry is busy all year around. However, there are a number of times in particular which are very busy and we would recommend being ready for.

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail












Call To Find Out Next Steps

01202 618063

The average customer goes on 2.6 trips per year!

July and August – busy with last minute bookings
September – busy with everyone who doesn’t want to travel with children

Full Training and Support Provided

The most important thing when you get started in your new travel business is training. At The Travel Franchise, we have created a training and support programme which means you do not need to have worked in travel before.

We teach you how to get started, how to find customers, how to sell and how to ensure customers keep coming back. The most important two factors you need to bring are:

  1. A passion for travel
  2. A desire to give a remarkable level of customer service

At The Travel Franchise, we also provide you with a ‘Personal Travel Coach’ (100% unique to us) and head office support 7 days a week. This means you are never alone in this business and we help give you a head start in business.

If you join The Travel Franchise, one limiting factor will be attending training. Due to limited spaces in training, our training courses get booked up in advance, meaning you will have to wait for available spaces. Here is a quick indication as to availability. Remember that this is not live and spaces fill fast.

May – FULL
June – FULL
July – Very Limited
August – Very Limited
September – Available

Year One in Your Travel Business

There are five key ways we recommend finding customers which work incredibly well.

Our business is designed so that you do NOT need lots of customers, just a few which keep coming back. You can make good money from each customer if you provide them a great service.  Here is how we recommend finding customers in your first year.

  1. Friends, family and everyone you know
  2. Business Networking Events such as BNI or 4Networking
  3. Wedding Events (perfect for honeymoons, overseas weddings and holidays)
  4. Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc)
  5. Partners in Travel (unqiue to The Travel Franchise)

For more information about how to find customers click here

It’s that simple. You can already probably think of a handful of people you know who go on holiday every year. That’s how you get started. It starts with finding one customer and then repeating. A simple recipe for success.

Years Two – Three in Your Travel Business

Imagine in year one you found one hundred new customers. Assuming you do a great job for them, they liked your service, you offered a good price and they go on holiday again, are they going to come back to you again to book their next holiday?


In years two, three and beyond, if you keep building on the success of year one, your business will grow and grow. Although we are not suggesting 100% of customers will come back every year, the logic is simple.

Do a remarkable job for a customer and they come back time and time again. It’s much easier to keep a customer than it is to find a new one. But if you keep finding new ones and keep your existing customers your business will grow and grow and grow.

The Future of Your Travel Business

Your business becomes a willable, sellable asset which means the more customers you find for your business, the more successful it becomes, the bigger the asset you have built. You can then choose to continue making money from your business, or if you would like, you could even sell it and retire.

Call To Find Out Next Steps

01202 618063

The average customer goes on 2.6 trips per year!

Call To Find Out Next Steps

01202 618063


Supreme Informationhome/news/Supreme Information

Have you checked out the Supreme franchise package?

Watch this video for more information and then click to access more information from our special ‘Discovery Website’.


Special Live FREE Event – Thursdayhome/news/Special Live FREE Event - Thursday

Paul and Steve grab a few minutes to tell you about a very special live online event which is happening on Thursday.

Want to attend?

Join us this Thursday 5th April at 6:30 pm for our special online event. Reserve your place now to avoid disappointment and benefit from a very special offer if you do.

Spaces are limited – it’s free to register.

Limited Spaces