Why we ditched teaching to run our own travel consultancy in just nine days

When Halifax-based teachers Alison Cooper and her husband Tim decided to spend some of their inheritance on long-haul holidays, little did they know it would truly be a life changing experience… The couple enjoyed two fabulous trips booked through trusted, award-winning local Not Just Travel consultants, Rachael and Colman Coyne. And – when Alison called […]

I started my part-time travel business in just 5 days. Here’s how it’s going

Franchisee Paul explains why starting something new doesn’t have to mean risking it all Opening a business is often a massive commitment. You usually need lots of start-up capital and plenty of time to see returns from the investment. But that’s not the case with a travel business from The Travel Franchise. You can start […]

Be like Becky – get your franchise for free!

Becky Westaway has become the latest travel consultant to win our unique Money-Back Challenge – and she did it in just seven months! The Travel Franchise is the only franchise in Britain which allows you to earn your franchise for free.  No gimmicks or crazy rules. Sell enough holidays in an agreed time, and, when […]

Travel Consultant Rachael wins Great British Franchisee Award

Travel Consultant Rachael Coyne has won the Great British Franchisee Award for her extraordinary business performance while battling cancer. Despite suffering from the gruelling effects of undergoing chemotherapy three times a week, Rachael continued to book travellers their dream holidays. She took £400,000 worth of business in the first six weeks of 2022 alone.  The […]

Never worked in travel? Neither had Tony. Read his tips for success

Tony Chant, a Surrey-based travel consultant, has seen consistent sales since he launched his business. But this year bookings have really taken off. We asked him to share how he’s succeeded. It all began with a visit to a franchise exhibition. Tony had never worked in travel before.  In fact, when he visited the 2016 […]

How you can beat the Money-Back Challenge (and get your travel business for free)

Find out how this unique-to-franchising opportunity could create a business that costs you nothing to start. Setting up your own business costs money, time and effort. And a travel agency can be one of the more complicated ones to start, for something that initially looks quite simple. At the very least, you’ll need: Customer protection, […]

This one small thing transformed Sue’s new travel business

It was a couple of months into her business and new franchise owner Sue was getting frustrated… Despite her hard work, she simply wasn’t seeing the success that others from her training group were. They’d all started making bookings right away while she was yet to make a single sale. Now, a year into her […]