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A chilly week in Banff

This month, we took 43 of our Travel Consultants on the ultimate ski social in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Along with some of our Head Office team, we flew out with Air Canada to one of the best ski locations in the world, for a week of fun in the snow.

Unlike our educational trips, this was a fam trip designed to give our Travel Consultants from across the UK a chance to meet and socialise with some of our corporate team, too. We were very luck to have the trip supported by a number of our close partners and tourist boards including Inghams, JTA and the Alberta Tourist Board.

This meant we were able to heavily subsidise the cost of the trip for everyone who wanted to attend and take part in some fantastic activities. Banff isn’t just a ski resort, so even some of our Travel Consultants who weren’t keen on skiing were still excited for the trip.

Our action-packed itinerary included skiing and snowboarding, along with dog-sledding and snow-mobiling. Some of our franchisees completed the Johnston Canyon Ice Walk and one even competed in a local 5K race- and he won in minus 17 temperatures! There was plenty of time to relax too, as some headed off for a drip in the hot springs, toasted smores and star gazed at the top of Banff Gondola.

New destination knowledge

Not only was this a trip for our Travel Consultants to let their hair down after a busy start to the year, but they got to visit various hotels and properties in the area and learn about the destination. We all got to enjoy a spectacular afternoon tea at the famous Fairmont hotel, and this has given our Travel Consultants first-hand knowledge and experience they can take away and use when selling Canada holidays in the future.

One of our Travel Consultants Dave Parkyn said “I learned so much about the area in a very short time and was so blown away by the quality of the snow and quiet, spacious pistes. I’ve already been able to personally recommend Banff to a prospective client and so the benefits have already started.”

David also found the week to be great for picking up tips and advice for his business. Having only been with The Travel Franchise for 8 months, he said he learned a lot just from spending time with the other Travel Consultants and co-founder Steve Witt.

Steve feels the trip was extremely beneficial for franchisees from a business perspective. He said, “this super-sized ski trip has opened people’s eyes to a whole new year-round destination, and we are convinced sales will increase as a result of this trip – one Travel Consultant even made a Canada booking while we were out there!”.

On the last night of the trip, not only did everyone walk away Banff experts, but we all got to go to a Calgary Flames ice hockey game against the Vegas Golden Knights – a truly memorable experience!

These FAM trips, along with our overseas educational trips such as the Millionaire’s Retreat and Elite Experience, give our Travel Consultants the opportunity to see the world, network with other franchisees and learn new skills along the way!

Are you considering starting your own business? Join The Travel Franchise today and you could be coming on our next overseas trip! To find out more about benefits like this, visit our Discovery Site or give us a call on 0800 084 8128.


Money Back Challenge Winners: Michael & Derekhome/news/Money Back Challenge Winners: Michael & Derek

Money Back Challenge Winners: Michael and Derek


It’s a new year and that means new Money Back Challenge winners. We’re only a short way into 2019 and we’ve had some fantastic sales from some of our latest additions to the Travel Franchise Family.

What is the Money Back Challenge?

For those who aren’t familiar, the Money Back Challenge is a unique incentive we offer to all new franchisees when they join our business. This gives you the opportunity to earn your franchisee fee back, in FULL, within your first 12 months by meeting a simple sales target!

This week, we are saying a huge congratulations to Michael and Derek for completing their challenge. Not only have they smashed sales since they joined the business, they can now enjoy the added bonus of their entire franchise fee returned to them to say well done.

Your franchise FREE!

The Money Back Challenge is achievable by everyone, and we’ve had many people make their money back in less than the 12-month deadline. We give you full training and support when you join The Travel Franchise, and with a network of over 400 award-winning and friendly Travel Consultants, you’ll never feel alone on your journey.

Get in touch

Are you looking to start your own business in Travel but want the support of an established brand behind you? At The Travel Franchise, we give you all the training, resources and support you need to take your business to the next level. To find out more, visit our Discovery Site or give us a call on 0800 084 8128.


This week at The Travel Franchisehome/news/This week at The Travel Franchise

Every week is a busy week at The Travel Franchise, but during the ‘peak’ season for people booking holidays, this has never been more so.

We jumped in front of a camera to give you a quick update on just some of the great things happening within the business right now, including:

  • Record sales for our Travel Consultants as we start 2019
  • Increased commission from tour operators
  • Launch of our latest Millionaires Retreat
  • Our brand new Elite Experience to Mauritius
  • Training updates for January and February

Plus hear about the launch of our brand new Personal Marketing Websites, a brilliant way to help increase enquiries and sales within your new travel business.


Weekly Round-Up from The Travel Franchisehome/news/Weekly Round-Up from The Travel Franchise

Another busy week at The Travel Franchise…find out why!

Week ending 10th February 2019

Our franchisees have had another fantastic week, they’ve set new records, made some amazing bookings, but so much more has happened. Here is a quick recap of this week at The Travel Franchise:

  • New sales high for February
  • Featured in the press
  • The launch of Direct Debit
  • Shortlisted for a major award
  • Incentives for our franchisees
  • Training week success

Sales Sky Rocket in February

January was our busiest ever month, but our Travel Consultants are already reporting a booming start to February. We’ve seen the payday period following ‘Blue Monday’ our busiest on record, that was on top of a record-breaking January. 

Florida and cruising among our biggest sellers, but traditional favourites such as Spain have seen rises of over 80% in sales, South America up 126%, Sri Lanka up 150% and Turkey sales up a massive 148%.


Featured in The Press

The success of our franchisee’s at The Travel Franchise has been noticed by the national press. They featured our record-breaking month and the success of our home-based Travel Consultants.

In particular, Travel Weekly talked about how the fears and uncertainty of Brexit have not done anything to slow holiday sales, in fact, quite the opposite as our sales continue to rise.

Co-founder Paul Harrison said the unanticipated, record sales figures were down to the “entrepreneurial spirit” shown by franchisees following investment in training homeworkers on personal and business development and spending time with them on a one-to-one basis over the last year.


Want to find out more about The Travel Franchise and how you can join the success?

Access our free ‘Discovery Site’ now for over 80 videos packed full of news, views, and information to help you learn more about this multi award-winning business.



Direct Debit Launch

Clients can now pay their holiday balance up to 6 weeks before departure using our new Direct Debit Service. For the client this means:

  • Easier payment terms
  • No need to remember to pay your balance on time
  • Spread the cost of your holiday

For our Travel Consultants it means:

  • More reasons to book with us
  • Spread payments mean more time to pay which means more bookings
  • Reduced costs as there are no expensive credit card fees

Our new Direct Debit facility is available to all of our new Travel Consultants (franchisees) as standard.


Shortlisted for Major Award

Not Just Travel (our travel agency brand) has been shortlisted as one of the best travel agencies in the British Isles.

From more than 500 travel agencies who were nominated for the TTG’s Top 50 Travel Agencies 2019, we are proud to announce we have been shortlisted to the top 5.

This week, Paul and Steve (our Co-Founders) were interviewed by a panel of judges ahead of the awards in April. Clearly, to be in the top 5 is an honour in itself, we look forward to finding out if we win.


Incentives For Our Franchisee’s

This week we’ve been helping our franchisee’s by paying their special bonuses on their bookings. In fact up to £100 extra for every booking. All throughout January and February, we have bonus incentives being paid to our Travel Consultants.

This week our incentives have focused on Cruise and Ski bookings.

Each incentive is unique to The Travel Franchise and funded by us which means these are above and beyond any additional incentives being paid by tour operators and trade partners.

All this means you can be earning £100’s of commissions and bonuses on every single booking you make.


Want to find out more about The Travel Franchise and how you can join the success?

Access our free ‘Discovery Site’ now for over 80 videos packed full of news, views, and information to help you learn more about this multi award-winning business.


Meet our sales team!home/news/Meet our sales team!


Meet our sales team!

Our in-house sales team have smashed sales in January, and they’re here to help you smash yours, too!

It’s time we introduced you to our in-house sales team. They’re here to help our Travel Consultants close those sales and ultimately, make more money. Their services are available to all franchisees who feel they need a little bit of extra help closing those bookings.

Whether you lack sales experience or simply work part-time and can’t fit everything in, the sales team at our headquarters are here to support you with their expert knowledge and experience.

Our team did over £70,000 worth of Lapland bookings in January alone, and the Travel Consultants who use the sales team’s service will have that reflected in their commission payment.

Want to know about how our sales team at HQ can benefit your business? Read on to find out more.

1. Years of experience and extensive knowledge

We truly believe that if you’re looking to start a career in travel then all you need is a passion for travel and a passion for people. Many of our franchisees have never worked in the travel industry before, but we provide you with full training and ongoing support to help you build your business effectively.

Our sales team have years of experience and extensive knowledge in the travel industry. Many have come from other travel agencies, airlines or tour operators, so they really know their stuff, and they can use this to help you with your business.

If you’re not as confident with the sales side of things as you are with the networking, then our in-house team can be a great asset to help you turn your enquiries into bookings.

2. Gives you more time to generate leads

Following on from our first point, if you’re great at generating leads but struggle to convert them into sales, then the head office team can help! With the team behind you, you’ll have the freedom to go out and do what you do best- network. Attend lots of events, speak to everyone you know, and then direct all the leads and enquiries directly to our sales team to seal the deal.

With their years of sales experience, they’ll be able to handle your enquiries efficiently and professionally so that you start to see a higher conversion rate from your enquiries.

3. Gives you more time to work on your business

Not only will you have more time to generate leads, but you’ll have more time to nurture your business in every area. While the sales team take care of closing the deals, you can be out networking, working on your social media presence, learning new skills, attending training events and so on.

We also offer a concierge service which means we can take a lot of the admin work of your hands, so you’ll have even more time to be generating those leads.For those that run their business alongside another job, this is also a great way to take the pressure off while trying to grow your business part-time.

4. More profitable for you

When you use our sales team service, you still make the same amount of commission you would when dealing with the bookings on your own, but it gives you a higher chance of securing those bookings. Not only that, our sales team only discount on average around 1%. During the first few months of starting up your own home travel business, you may find yourself offering discounts to secure sales, but if you find you start relying on this, the sales team could be a good way to get you and your customers out of that habit.

5. Higher repeat booking rate

Retention is one of the trickiest parts of business. As a personal Travel Consultant, you need to make sure you are always engaging with your customers before, during and after their holiday if you want to see repeat custom. We know how hard this can be, especially when you feel your time should be spent finding new leads.

Our in-house sales team has a repeat booking rate of 60%, so if you want to try and build up a regular client base, using the sales team could be a real benefit to your business. The power of an expert team behind you will make your business appear bigger, and their knowledge and skills will build a good rapport with your customers so that they’ll want to book with you time and time again.

Are you considering starting your own business but lack the confidence when it comes to selling? The Travel Franchise offers you ongoing support and training to help you grow a successful business in travel. To find out more about benefits like this, visit our Discovery Site or give us a call on 0800 084 8128.


Travel Industry sales are booming, and there’s never been a better time to join The Travel Franchise.home/news/Travel Industry sales are booming, and there’s never been a better time to join The Travel Franchise.

Travel Industry sales are booming, and there’s never been a better time to join The Travel Franchise.

Travel is booming. Whether its UK city breaks, long-haul holidays, or cruises; sales in the travel industry are growing rapidly.

Recent stats from the likes of ABTA and Travel Weekly confirm that holiday sales are on the up, and there is nothing to indicate signs of them slowing down. For the last 7 years, the number of people booking holidays has only increased, with a whopping 46.9 million holidays abroad taken in 2018 alone, and 54.7 million EU trips made (despite Brexit looming over us).

This just proves that the demand for holidays isn’t going away, and with such a positive start to 2019, these stats are only set to increase in the year to come. But where are customer’s booking these holidays? Surely they just book online I hear you ask. Wrong!

Here’s a breakdown….

  • 40% of holiday bookings are made through a travel agent
  • 76% of the population take at least one holiday
  • 80% percent of those who took an overseas holiday also had a UK break (and the remaining percent booked a second overseas trip).

This suggests there is a huge opportunity to make sales from existing customers, making holiday sales even easier for our Travel Consultants.

What does this mean for us?

The busiest month of the year for the travel industry has just drawn to a close, and what a month it has been. Our January sales have already been considerably higher than last year’s, which has given us a really great start to the year, and we’re set to see this trend continue throughout 2019.

We understand that one of the most common doubts our Travel Consultants and prospective franchisees have is whether they will be able to find enough customers and make enough sales. This would be a concern of anyone going into any kind of business for the first time. However, one of the best things about the travel industry is there are always people looking to go on holiday. Always.

Think of your friends and family, and their friends and family. It is likely that at some point throughout the year, they will take a holiday. Whether it’s an overseas trip or a weekend break in the UK, it’s still a holiday. And that makes them a potential customer of yours.

Trends for 2019

A holiday trend that is big for this year is cruising. It is estimated that 2 million people will cruise this year, with 1.1 million of those being from the UK, and nearly 20 million nights spent on board ships by UK holiday makers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our Travel Consultants to take advantage of, and that’s just a small percentage of the holidays that will be booked this year, so the earning potential from cruise bookings alone is huge, but by no means the only potential for earning in 2019.

After reviewing 2018’s stats, it is thought that 60% of the population will spend the same or more in 2019, and with 106 million domestic and overseas holidays sold last year, it certainly won’t be a struggle finding potential customers.

So if you’re thinking of making a career change, the travel industry is a no brainer. As a Travel Consultant at The Travel Franchise, you get to be your own boss, with the power of a hugely successful and growing brand behind you.

Our Travel Consultants have access to over 12 million holiday options, which really puts us ahead of the game in the industry.

To find out more about joining The Travel Franchise, check out our Discovery Site or give us a call on 0800 0848128.


Impressive Week at The Travel Franchise. Did you see?home/news/Impressive Week at The Travel Franchise. Did you see?

The Travel Franchise | An Impressive Week

The Travel Franchise is always exciting, but each week we like to take a look back at some of the highlights. Here are some of the amazing things which happened in our travel business this week.

Travel Consultant Breaks Record For Biggest Sales

At just over the half way point of this month, one of our Travel Consultants broke the record for the biggest month of sales. Considering there is nearly half a month to go, this is going to be an amazing month for them.

New Marketing Manager Joins The Travel Franchise

We are very excited to announce a brand new addition to the team. Our brand new Marketing Manager joins us having:

  • Built and sold her own travel company
  • Headed a team at one of Europe’s leading internet companies
  • Became Marketing Manager for a leading worldwide franchise company
  • Look out for more details about Rachel and how she will be helping people just like you, grow a fantastic business in 2016.

Launched Super Saturday Event – Already Almost Sold Out

This week we announced a special travel franchise event called ‘Super Saturday‘ – This is an opportunity for anyone just like yourself who’s looking to invest in a franchise, to learn more about the industry and The Travel Franchise.

In just under one week we’ve reserved more than twice the number of places we had expected and had to organise a bigger venue. We now have only a few spaces available so if you would like to attend you need to reserve your place FREE now.

Jan 30th 11am – 2pm: Click For Details

Successful Launch Party

New franchisees Ben and Toni this week held a special launch party for their travel business. The event was an amazing success and being featured by the local media. Most importantly the enquiries are now rolling in. Check out their facebook page for photos and details.

Want to know how 2016 could be the year when your life changes for the better? Want to grow your own successful business working from home?

Call me on 0151 724 3534, text me now on 07901 795 725 or email paul@thetravelfranchise.com and ask how you could get started within just a few weeks because it really is that simple.

Paul Harrison
Franchise Director

Press /PR


Introducing newly voted Star Council membershome/news/Introducing newly voted Star Council members

Meet your new Star Council members: Lorraine Robinson & Palvi Harvey

Our Travel Consultants have been voting for your favourite Travel Consultants to become the next Star Council members and now it’s time to reveal who has won the vote!

At The Travel Franchise, we want to ensure we are always one step ahead of the game in our industry, namely, so that all of our Travel Consultants can be as successful as possible. The team at the head office work hard to support those in the field as much as possible, and with the recent introduction of the Star Council, we’ll be able to do our job even better.

We wanted to give you a channel through which to feedback to our headquarters, as a way for us to improve your experience, and make our business model smoother and more efficient for everybody.

What is the Star Council?

As a forward-thinking business, we believe the best way to improve what we do is to hear from YOU. Each-and-every one of you is at the heart of what we do, and we want to work alongside you to support you, build yourconfidence, and listen to your ideas.

Your feedback is essential to the growth of the business because you know the role first hand; what works and what doesn’t, and we’re sure you have a bunch of great ideas to make it even better.  The Star Council launched earlier this year and currently has four members:

  • John Redding
  • David Walker
  • Raine Martin
  • Panna Shah

Each member has been a great asset to our team at the head office and they provide an effective line of communication from the office to the field. Each position runs for one year, and then you’ll choose new representatives for the board.

Newest members announced!

With the rapid growth of franchisees over the last few months, we decided it was time to expand the team. So we asked you to choose two more members for the board, and we weren’t short on nominees!

After a several weeks of voting, we are pleased to announce that your new Star Council members are Lorraine Robinson and Palvi Harvey! Both are still relatively early on in their journey with The Travel Franchise, but each have fantastic sales figures to date and have been voted as the people you want to represent your voice! Find out a little more about them below…

Lorraine Robinson

Lorraine has just reached her one-year anniversary with us and has done extremely well so far. Having had her own set of challenges since becoming a Travel Consultant, Lorraine would love to be able to help other Travel Consultants have a voice, so that we can all learn from each other as we move forward.



Palvi Harvey

Palvi is coming up to her two-year anniversary as a Travel Consultant. During her time as a franchisee she found speaking with other consultants in the field one of the best ways to learn and grow, and now she wants to do something in return. Palvi knows that people are at the heart of what we do, and as a people person, she’s excited to become your next Star Council representative.

A big well done to Lorraine and Palvi, and we look forward to working closely with you in the future! And If you ever need a friendly face to speak to then don’t be shy to get in touch with either of them for a chat.


New Franchise Training Coordinatorhome/news/New Franchise Training Coordinator

Charlotte Franchise Training CoordinatorWe are today really pleased to welcome Charlotte Bulpitt to our Franchise Training Team. Charlotte takes up the new role as Franchise Training Coordinator as we continue to grow and expand our business development team.

At The Travel Franchise we strongly believe we have the best training programme available in any franchise opportunity. However as our business continues to evolve, change and expand, we continue to develop our training programme.

The training we provide within The Travel Franchise falls into 4 key areas:

  1. Pre-Training
  2. Residential Training Course
  3. Post-Training Follow Up
  4. Ongoing Training

Charlotte is a fantastic addition to the franchise team. Having worked with us in both a sales capacity and operational capacity Charlotte is very familiar with the needs of the business and the needs of someone new starting out in the business.

Charlotte has also (in a previous role) trained people, headed a customer service team, supported exhibition / events and been very successful in sales. If you join us for training you will meet Charlotte and the rest of the training team at our Travel Franchise head offices in Bournemouth.

Our next franchise training dates:

  • 15th September 2014
  • 13th October 2014

If you would like more details please contact our franchise team on; 0800 530 621 or email: info@the-travel-franchise.com



September Full – 2 Spaces Octoberhome/news/September Full - 2 Spaces October

We are about to enter one of the busiest times of the year for people just like you looking to invest in a franchise.  However if you are thinking about a Travel Franchise you might like to know that our September training is now FULL and we have just 2 spaces left on our scheduled October training.

[Click Here To Confirm Your Place]

If you are interested in joining us please let me know asap so that I can reserve your place.

During Training You Will:

  • Meet the team behind what we think is the fastest growing travel franchise in the UK today
  • Learn the secrets of becoming a successful Travel Consultant
  • Find out the best ways to attract customers
  • Leave ready to build a successful travel business

Remember this is a residential course at our head offices. We include all accommodation, laptop computer and everything you need to build a success business.

Simply reply to this email and let me know you are ready to join us, or call me direct on 07901 795725.

[Click Here To Confirm Your Place]


Paul Harrison
Franchise Director – The Travel Franchise