Creating amazing experiences is what’s made me successful

This week we caught up with franchisee Sarah. Starting her business in 2017, she’s full of knowledge about how to grow a successful travel business from home. In the video below you’ll hear about: Some of the most interesting trips Sarah’s booked How she uses social media to inspire people How she meets new customers […]

The Travel Podcast presents…Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! The team is in Vegas for episode 2 of The Travel Podcast, joined by a special guest to give us the low down on ‘Sin City’. From helicopter flights over the strip, visiting the Grand Canyon and the lesser-known attractions of the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll hear all the top […]

6 reasons you can’t afford to miss The BIG Event on the 1st March

BIG event The Travel Franchise

If you haven’t already heard The BIG Event 2020 is the one thing this year you can’t afford to miss if you’re considering running your own travel business. Hosted at the Hotel Novotel in London, with a delicious complimentary lunch you have the chance to make a real day of it. This action packed day (10.00-16.00) on […]

Third Money Back Challenge Winners in Three Weeks!

Lesley and Nicole Money Back Challenge Winners

Sisters Nicole and Lesley have become the third Travel Consultants to win their franchise fee back in just three weeks with the Travel Franchise Living in west London and Cardiff, Lesley Morgan, 41, and Nicole Setoudeh, 44, have created a hugely successful business for themselves since joining The Travel Franchise in February last year. The […]

Your very own Personal Marketing Website

Your very own Personal Marketing Website As a travel business owner, it is important to ensure you provide legitimacy through a professional presence both online and offline. Whilst we provide many different ways of training franchisees with expertise knowledge when speaking with clients, we also provide a framework for an online presence that is professional […]

Not Just Travel Launches Travefy

Announced at the 2019 Annual Conference, we are introducing a brand new quotation tool for all franchisees In response to feedback from the field, Not Just Travel and The Travel franchise are proud to confirm the rolling out of a fully-branded and fully-customizable quotation tool, allowing franchisees to send clients professional-looking and visually impressive proposals. […]

Exclusive Holidays for franchisees in 2020

Franchisees are invited to exclusive at-cost holidays in partnership with our suppliers One of the biggest strengths that franchisees benefit from with The Travel Franchise is the unparallelled relationship with our suppliers. We work hard to nurture the growth of this relationship so that they are better motivated to provide us with competetive commission contracts […]

Meet the team – Suzie: Your personal concierge professional

Meet the team – Suzie: Your personal concierge professional Our new concierge service has been a hit with the many franchisees who have already signed up to the service. Introduced as a method to improve customers travel experience, the service provides additional contact to franchsiees customers both before, during and after their dream holiday Franchisees […]

The Travel Franchise has 2020 vision

The Travel Franchise has 2020 vision We are delighted to unveil Vision – the new business management tool, designed to make business simpler; create a better customer experience and help franchisees increase profits. Created specifically and exclusively for Not Just Travel, it’ll transform the way we work Predicted to revolutionise the way franchisees run their […]