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You can get paid industry-leading rates of commission

This 1 minute video explains how commissions work

This video breaks down how commissions work. You can also read more detail on this page.

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Travel agents earn a commission from suppliers

When you sell any travel – such as a flight, holiday or cruise – you earn a commission from the travel supplier who will be providing the end experience for the customer.

The commission percentage is different for every type of holiday and every supplier pays a different percentage.

It makes the question “What will I earn?” impossible to answer precisely, as it all depends on what kind of travel you end up selling and how you approach your business.

But – to make things simple – here is an outline of how it might work.

An average booking generates around 10% commission of its total value. This is based on our real average commissions over the past few years.

So, if you sell a holiday for £5000, you will generate an average of £500 commission.

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Commission payments are calculated monthly

Your commission total is calculated monthly.

You normally get paid 8 weeks before your customers travel. So, every month, all travel commissions that are due to be paid out are calculated in a report.*

That monthly total is split between us as franchisor and you as franchisee.

The amount we each get is as follows:

  • The first £500 of total commission is split between us 50%/50%.
  • That means we get £250 each.
  • The second £500 is split 60%/40% in your favour.**
  • You get £300 of that £500.
    Between £1000 and £2000 is paid 70%/30% in your favour.
  • So you receive £700 of that £1,000.
  • And everything over £2000 is paid at 75% in your favour – this is industry leading.

*Supplier commissions are currently paid when the customer has travelled

**Please note that the ‘Lite Consultant’ Package is capped at 60% commission

Here's how an £8,000 commission split would work

Let’s imagine you’ve generated total travel commissions of £8,000* due in your monthly statement. The commission split would break down like this:

**Please note that the ‘Lite Consultant’ Package is capped at 60% commission

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How much can I realistically earn?

This isn’t a job, it’s a business. There are no guarantees.

But, if you put in the work and follow the guidance we provide, you can make unlimited earnings.

We have people that use their travel business to supplement income from a job or another business. For them, it’s not a full-time career but they can make money and get their own travel commission free.

Other people are making significantly more than £100,000 a year by diligently growing their business, getting repeat bookings and making the most of exclusive programs such as Partners In Travel.*

Watch part 6 of our video tour to see an in-depth look at commissions, including real monthly commission statements. You can also watch this interview with franchisee Mark McCardie to learn how he’s created a multi-million pound travel business in 2 years.

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You can get higher commission tiers earlier

If you pay for your franchise in full or using our half now/half in six months option, you start at 60% for the first £500.

There is no 50/50 – so you get 60% of the first £1000.

By choosing to pay more up front for your franchise, in effect you make more money every month.

At 75% commission this is industry leading. Not only do we give you the best training (so that you can generate the most sales) we even pay you out on the sales at the highest rate!

**Please note that the ‘Lite Consultant’ Package is capped at 60% commission

Why giving up a percentage of turnover is a mistake

Some parent travel franchises suggest that they will take around 2% percent of your turnover instead of splitting commission with you.

At first glance this may seem attractive as it looks like you receive more of the commission.

However, you could end up getting paid significantly less. 

For example, a large part of flight fees are taxes (Air Passenger Duty). 

This isn’t eligible for commission – but you may still have to give up 2% of the total fees for the flight as it’s in your ‘turnover’.

We can run through this in more detail as part of your application process.




Watch our free online presentation to learn all about the opportunity.

*All figures quoted accurately reflect how commissions work and all commission amounts quoted are genuine. However, they are not a guarantee of success.You may earn more or less than the amounts stated. Your own effort and ability will determine your actual results. 


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