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Daley Thompson and his Peaks tips!

You may have already seen the news of our amazing achievements this January. Since Not Just Travel began we have known the importance of the January peaks season and how much business can be generated when consultants seize the offers available at this time. Markets are responsive to customer patterns, and once the holiday season comes to a close customers are keen to discuss their summer plans and get away from the gloom of January in the UK!

The industry has taken full advantage of this, and every supplier promotes amazing deals and offers for consultants to take advantage of as we are all aware of just how much business can be done.

As well as customer offers, consultants are also given incentives to assist with sales

As industry leaders Not Just Travel go the extra mile in ensuring consultants can make the most of this exciting period. Whilst the industry as a whole sees an increase in bookings, sales for Not Just Travel saw incredible growth. Even with fears of Brexit looming over the industry, sales increased by 82% from January 2018.

A huge part of this growth is due to the amazing support offered by the Head Office operation and our Brand Ambassador, Daley Thompson. Not only have our consultants been able to take advantage of the beautiful graphics we supply, but they have even been able to use Daley in their promotional campaigns!

Daley is an amazing advocate for our brand. As a Gold Medal Olympian, he understands the importance of hard work and perseverance required to succeed. He provides support to our consultants and also adds legitimacy to the business.

Now that peaks is coming to a close, we have our sights on the new year ahead. Will this be the year you join us?

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