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Daley Thompson (CBE) is the
Not Just Travel Brand Ambassador

Meet Daley Thompson (CBE), the Not Just Travel Brand Ambassador. 

In his role as Brand Ambassador, Daley regularly attends our events and annual conferences.

He makes keynote speeches and features in the marketing material, websites and social media pages of your franchise business.

You can see one of his latest marketing videos below.

Are you ready to be the best?

Regarded as one of the UK’s best Olympians, Daley won Double Olympic Gold in the hardest discipline of them all, the Decathlon. If you ever need someone to inspire you to have a winning mentality, to never give up and to become the best you can possibly be, Daley is the man to do it!

As you get to know Daley you will discover that not only is he an icon and legend, but a really fun, down-to-earth guy to be around. He just exudes positive energy and has passion in everything he does.

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