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Development and Mentorship: The core of our business

Development and Mentorship: The core of our business

At The Travel Franchise, personal development and mentorship is at our core.

This is one of our fantastic Travel Consultants Palvi having a meeting with co-founder Paul Harrison at his home office. Paul started his entrepreneurial life as a home-based entrepreneur and made a seven-figure income with three different companies, so who better to coach and mentor our franchisees than Paul?

Palvi joined us over two years ago as she was looking to be “more than just a mum”. Her children were at GCSE level and Palvi wanted to find a purpose and identity. She came along to one of our Discovery Days and took the plunge and started her very own travel business with The Travel Franchise..

Like 99% of our Travel Consultants Palvi had zero experience but now two and a half years later she has sold over £1.5 million pounds worth of holidays, made a six-figure income and has travelled commission free to some amazing destinations.

Palvi earned her franchise fee back with our Money Back Challenge so her business never cost a penny and she generates thousands of pounds per month doing what she loves.

Her time with Paul has shown her the bigger picture of what she and her business can become. Obviously Palvi can find customers and book holidays, her £1.5 million pounds in sales shows this. What Paul will now show her is how to take her business to the next level and how she can become a better businessperson and entrepreneur.

Like we said, personal growth and development is at the core of our business and this is just one example of the many extra benefits you receive when you join us at The Travel Franchise.

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