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Discover how our agents train – NJT style

There’s corporate training – and then there’s NJT training! 

Forget the standard classroom. This week more than 100 of our franchisees are cruising around the Med in one of the world’s latest, state-of-the-art cruise ships, MSC’s Euribia. 

It’s here, on board – somewhere between Germany, the Netherlands and France – that they’re honing their skills, learning more about the lucrative cruise market and how to build their business. 

It’s all part of our exclusive International Mastery Retreat. Each day this week, they spent the mornings attending masterclasses and business strategy sessions. These were headed up by our co-founders, Steve or Paul – both of whom themselves are award-winners recognised for their entrepreneurial acumen.

What’s more, agents got to learn the ropes from some of our trade partners who are on board to build relationships and impart all they can about their specific sectors. Our brand ambassadors gave motivating presentations and, of course, by the time our agents disembark, they were MSC experts thanks to our hosts. 

It’s a prime time for learning – setting our agents up to grab new opportunities and learn more about the lucrative cruise market.

Lynne is just one of our agents on board. “I’m sure everyone will manage to sell more MSC cruises as a result of the event. It’s been great to fully experience what it’s like to sail onboard. The sessions have been helpful to learn the fundamentals about MSC and the product but being onboard lets you see it all in practical terms! 

“NJT has also done some helpful business and peak planning sessions as well, which is always a good reminder to keep your business under review and focussed on the coming months and years.” 

However, it’s not all business. As we know, this is one industry that seamlessly combines business and pleasure – after all, that’s what being a travel agent is all about. 

So, come the afternoons when Euriba drops anchor, our agents become true holidaymakers and took off exploring – or I suppose we could call it ‘research’. This week alone, they were taking in the sights of Hamburg, Rotterdam and Paris no less. We’ve also scheduled in a couple of days within the week’s itinerary when agents can simply relax and are free to please themselves in order to get the full-on experience that their customers will enjoy. 

Come the evenings, it’s all about socialising back onboard. This is the time when true friendships are cemented and agents can indulge in five-star dining in any of Euribia’s 10 restaurants (and 21 bars) before enjoying a whole array of exciting onboard entertainment. 

So, we think it’s fair to say: this is not just any old training – this is NJT Training.

We’d love you to be part of the journey. Give us a call today and you too could be training in style. 

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