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Do YOU really understand the POWER of Partners in Travel?

Rob Arnold is a Travel Consultant with our company.
Just like everyone else who joined us Rob went through the same process you are going through now:

he made an enquiry, watched our presentation, spoke with me and reviewed this info website.

And just like most people Rob’s initial reaction was “this is fantastic my only question is will I find enough customers”.

Then Rob watched our Partners in Travel presentation and the penny dropped. He joined straight away.

In January, Rob signed up the most Travel Partners out of all of our Travel Consultants. One of these were a company called Elite Living.

Rob simply shared the concept with the Directors, who loved it immediately and joined with our Travel Partner Plus position. This means they get a personalised website which you can see in the picture.

Having enrolled them into our programme Rob then set about creating a strategy to fully maximise the opportunity.

Rob helped them personalise their site, set up phone numbers, logo’s etc.

This week Elite Living will be fully promoting their new Travel Business to their 106,000 members. They will be holding competitions, maximising social media and basically singing from the roof tops about this joint venture.

Already Rob has had enquiries for 2 honeymoons and a stag break for 30 guys – and it all doesn’t really start until Saturday.

So my initial question was: “Do YOU really understand the POWER of Partners in Travel?”

Imagine over time being the trusted travel consultant of lots of quality organisations who have a reach of hundreds of thousands of people (if not MILLIONS). Do you think you may get some customers?

Our business is exploding right now and we are looking for people who see the potential. Who can see the possibilities for themselves.

Is this YOU?

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