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Dynamic duo Matt and Ash achieve our unique Money-Back Challenge

Dynamic duo, Matt and Ash, had a lot to celebrate on New Year’s Day – they sold enough holidays in 2022 to achieve the Money-Back Challenge – our unique reward scheme whereby you get your franchise fee refunded if you earn a set amount of commission in one year.

The married couple bought their franchise in spring 2022 and achieved their target within nine months of starting – despite having never worked in travel previously.

“We are over the moon!” says Matt.

“With hard work, dedication and a catchy ‘tag line’ we are so proud we have achieved our target pre-peaks and going strength-to-strength.”

So how do they plan to spend the £14,995 refund?

“I know the answer should be to spend it on holidays, and you would be exactly right,” says Matt.

“We have safaris, escorted tours, cruises and more booked in this year already so now booking up 2024 where we can!”

While Matt works full-time as a consultant, Ash has been juggling another job alongside booking holidays.

“Together we have built the business to now require both of us full-time,” says Matt.

So was it difficult to achieve having never worked in travel before?

“When we started with NJT we didn’t have a wide circle of ‘who we know’ so we felt it was a huge hill to climb building the business from scratch,” says Matt who says NJT’s Business Development Managers (BDMs) have helped enormously.

“Throughout our journey to achieve the Money-Back Challenge, every BDM has brought a different perspective and a different specialism to our business plan,” says Ash, adding that Jake was one BDM that was always on hand when needed.

“Jake has given sound, real and practical advice. Not just for travel questions but actually business planning and long term strategic action planning for how we are going to grow our business in the future.

“We would like to thank each and every one of the NJT team for their support over the last nine months, and look forward to being one of the household names in NJT moving forward.”

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