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Elliot and Bethan, an inspiring story from 2 young entrepreneurs

Because of the support and training offered by The Travel Franchise, we attract franchisees from many different backgrounds and ages.

We have already written previously about the amazing diversity we have at Not Just Travel, and are pleased to see so many franchisees thriving after beginning their journey with us.

Elliot and Bethan joined the business in November 2018, and have been working hard in the first year of their business to establish their brand and increase sales. Recently, they were guests at our Millionaires Retreat in Morocco, learning key skills to assist them in their growth.

Elliot and Bethan at the Club Med resort, Marrakech

Recently, we caught up with them to see how the first year with us has been:

When did you join the business and what were you doing previously?

We joined at the end of November 2018. We are both still working full time in our jobs, I’m an event manager at a venue in Bristol and Bethan is a social worker in South Wales.”

What made you choose The Travel Franchise?

“The level of knowledge and insight into the business given is one of a kind. We automatically felt like it was the best option in comparison to the competition and we got a real sense of the forward thinking culture that was grounded within the business which was important to us.”

How did your training week go?

“It was amazing. There was a lot of knowledge to take in but it was the perfect week to give us the foundations we needed to understand the systems and processes so we could hit the ground running.”

How did you get on for the first few weeks after training?

“The first few weeks were slightly scary, but extremely exciting. If we were ever in doubt we could easily contact the support team or our personal travel coach and this helped massively to know we had people to turn to if it was needed.”

How was your experience at the Millionaires Retreat?

“We recently attended the retreat in Marrakech and we only have positive words to say about it. The content was superb, every session was packed full of useful knowledge, covering the essential basics in more depth but also delving deeper into what more we can do to grow our business. We feel the retreat came about at the perfect time for us, it was the motivational week we needed and the encouragement to know we are on the right path and we can go all the way if we really go for it.”

Have you been to an Elite Experience?

“We haven’t yet been on an elite experience but we are looking forward to attending one next year.”

What other Not Just Travel events have you been to in the last year?

“We have attended the conference travel expo, as well as the new year training and another training session held by Paul. Each event we go to is always great and we take something away from it positive and useful.”

We look forward to seeing this young couple’s future success. Start with our video tour OR book a call with us to discuss your plans.

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